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Final Cut Pro X: More Complex or just More Professional?

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With the release of Final Cut Pro X (FCP X), Apple has adopted a radical new approach that will dramatically change the future of non-linear video editing. In acknowledging and embracing this change, Apple offers users a new paradigm for editing, organization, performance, and post-production workflow.




Most of the features introduced in FCP X are welcome and badly needed. Some features are positively jarring and require a change in mindset to appreciate. However, still some people are puzzled by how to import AVCHD files to FCP X.


As a common user of FCP X, I used to feel different in operating Final Cut Pro. Actually, for software especially a media tool, a terse UI is of much importance. Tools are developed to simplify our life, not entangle it. I believe no one would like to spend much time on figuring out how to operate the tool.


But if you regard FCP X as failing software just because its complex operating, you are wrong. FCP X is said to be the greatest video editing tool all over the world. With its complex operating, you can experience the most editing functions that will be done to your videos. Here I will show you how to import local MTS folders to FCP X.


As it has been proved that it is impossible to import 1080 50/60p MTS files to FCP X, I selected several 1080i MTS files to finish the importing project. If you want to import your 1080 50/60p MTS files, you have to convert 1080 50/60p MTS to other formats.


First, I run the FCP X and enter the main interface. Then click the File option and select “Import from camera”.



Thus you will be dropped into a new interface. Find the menu on the left side and click the right key of your mouse to open the context menu. Select the option of Open Archive, and then you can choose the MTS folders from the pop-up window.




First of all, you must make sure that the MTS folder has the footage in its structure as it was in the camera, or you will be failed in importing MTS folders to FCP X.

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