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Frame Accuracy - Seek/Locate Each Frame, Split/Cut AVCHD MTS File Frame by Frame

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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What is Frame Accuracy?
MTS recordings from AVCHD camcorder are often highly compressed before stored, such a compressed movie contains key frames and non-key frames. Key frames can be displayed independently, while non-key frames can not be displayed without key frames. So such a functionality to locate and display every frame correctly, no matter key frame or non-key frame, is called frame accuracy (frame by frame). (Tip: Frame is one of the many single photographic images in a video.)


The Advantages of Frame Accuracy:
With Frame Accuracy, you can precisely start locating and displaying on desired frame; easily get exactly what you see or want. Without Frame Accuracy, you may lose the desire frame, or you may get SECONDS of frames you do not want before desired one.


Aunsoft Final Mate v1.6, as an useful camcorder assistant software, not only provides you with user-friendly camcorder wizard for quickest/easiest video capture and backup, lossless merge for joining/stitching AVCHD camcorder recordings without conversion or no loss of quality, NVIDIA CUDA and GPU acceleration, but also gives you the most powerful and precise splitting/cutting functions-Frame Accurate Splitting and Cutting to let you seek/locate each frame and get exactly what you want. (Note: Only H.264 MTS files are supported with frame by frame splitting.) 

How to Split/Cut AVCHD MTS File Frame by Frame with Aunsoft Final Mate?
Here I would like to demonstrate the simple steps to cut/split AVCHD MTS videos files with Frame Accuracy

Step 1. Load AVCHD MTS videos to Aunsoft Final Mate.
Free download Aunsoft Final Mate as the MTS Frame Accuracy Cutter on Windows, and you can load AVCHD MTS videos from camcorder or computer as you like.

- To load AVCHD videos from camcorder
Connect camcorder to computer with USB cable, and run Aunsoft Final Mate, you will be asked to follow the wizard. Otherwise, click the Camcorder button to load camcorder videos.
You can choose to backup the videos to computer or just import videos. Here we just select Import to add videos from camcorder to the program.


import from camcorder


- To load AVCHD MTS files from computer
Just choose Resource Tab > Select a path or click Add to browse the AVCHD .mts files from computer.

Step 2. Drag and drop AVCHD MTS files to Timeline:
After loaded the files to program, you can directly drag and drop one video file or multiple files using standard Shift-Click or Ctrl + A from Camcorder Tab or Resource Tab to Timeline, this way support creating a movie for lossless output, means no conversion.


drag drop avchd timeline


Step 3. Split/Cut AVCHD video Frame by Frame.
First, please make sure you have selected split from exact time in Tools > Preference > Others > Lossless Output Mode, in general, it is selected by default. Then focus on the time point you want to split or cut by moving the Vernier or setting time point with Goto function, then click Previous frame(Previous frame) to check previous frame of the movie or Next  frame (Next frame) to check next frame of the movie for getting exact the desired frame. After the desired frame selected, please click “Split” button to split/cut/divide the video clip of the movie at a very precise point. Then click on segment you want to cut off from the timeline, and then click the Delete button next to the Split button to remove the unwanted part.


frame accuracy splitting


Step 3. Export videos without conversion.
Choose Export in the main interface, and click the OK button to get videos without recompression. You will get the cutted/splitted AVCHD with desired frame in a few minutes.


More details about using Aunsoft Final Mate, please visit: Final Mate Tutorial.

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