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Frame by Frame Trim/Split/Divide Canon HF200/HF100/HF11 AVCHD Videos

Final Mate

Final Mate

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Canon Vixia HF200’s broad manual feature set unusual in a camcorder its size. While it's more expensive than its sub-$600 competitors, the Canon Vixia Vixia HF200 deliver a more extensive feature set for the extra money. Canon HF11 with 2.7-inch multi-angle vivid widescreen LCD and 12x optical zoom, is recommended as a good choice for consumers like videographers for shooting weddings, racing, or other events. It is also the first consumer camcorder to record AVCHD at 24Mbps, but there seems little difference between the 17 Mbps video from HF100. Canon HF100 has fast focus and compact, attractive, and comfortable design. But its wind filter not as dependable as previous Canon models plus manual focus pretty useless. Both HF200 and HF11 record full HD AVCHD 1920*1080 videos to integrated 32 GB flash memory card, while HF100 supports MultiMediaCard and SD memory card.

This is a simple comparison table on some important specs of Canon HF200/HF11/HF100:


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Copy/Download/Transfer Canon HF200/HF100/HF11 AVCHD to Computer/Hard Drive:

There are several ways around for you to copy/download AVCHD recording from Canon camcorders to computer.


  1. Try bundled software Pixela ImageMixer that came with your Canon AVCHD camcorder. Thought the software is free but many people complain about it. Based on my personal experience, it took four and a half minutes for Pixela to assemble the two AVCHD mts files from camcorder to my computer. It’s a tedious process to even try it.
  2. Connect camcorder to computer with USB cable and access the camcorder like an external hard drive and copy the AVCHD videos under BDMV folder. This process is rather simple compared to the frustrating experience we have with Pixela ImageMixer, but for some video novice (believe me, many camcorder green hands have a time finding the MTS files in their first experience), it’s not so convenient to copy video files among all the different folders of camcorder device.
  3. Do we have another option which can help us extract and backup AVCHD MTS files directly from Canon HF200/HF11/HF100 to computer? Try out Aunsoft Final Mate - import and editing software exclusively designed for HD camcorder users.


Frame by Frame Edit/Split/Divide/Trim Canon HF200/HF100/HF11 AVCHD Files:

If you are looking for any frame accuracy solution to do with the AVCHD videos encoded in MTS format, Aunsoft Final Mate is the choice for you. This is the first software which can help HD camcorders users to realize frame by frame editing/splitting AVCHD MTS/M2TS videos successfully.


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When you drag AVCHD MTS/M2TS files to timeline, move the time point to the exact location you want to cut/split, then by using of PrevFrame button and NextFrame button marked on the above screenshot you can precisely locate the next frame of the movie or previous frame of the movie for the desired frame to cut. After the frame selected, please click Split button which looks like a scissor to split/cut/divide the video clip of the movie at this precise point. After that click on the segment you want to cut off from the timeline, and choose “Delete” button to remove the unwanted part. It’s that simple and easy.


For Canon HF200/HF100/HF11 camcorder and other HD camcorder users, Aunsoft Final Mate is the default AVCHD import and editing software which is highlighted with its frame accuracy splitting capability and lossless output AVCHD without re-encoding.

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