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Frame Cutting and Merging MTS files from JVC GZ-HD620BU with Perfect Audio/Video Sync

Final Mate

Final Mate

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I purchase the camera GZ-HD620BU, which is JVCs 2011 model camcorder that I must give 5 stars and a big thumb up! It is very fantastic for me who have doing budget internet marketing services and have great interest to shoot my beloved baby. Only possible complaint is, the bundled software Everio Media Brwoswer Edition made by PIXELA is just like a crap. Every time I load my 30 AVCHD .mts files and do simply cut editing, it freezes up. I want to merge these MTS files into one MTS in lossless.


I have tried TSmuxer for joining MTS files together for easier video editing with Corel Video Studio X3. However after joining them in lossless output I noticed that the audio and video are not in sync when I edit the video. It’s annoying and i had to stop using the program because of this problem. I think it is not the problem of my PC, i just use an i7 with 6 gigs of ram and an ati video card. When I complained my frustrated experience to my friend, he recommended me a Lossless JVC MTS Joiner he was using, which also allows me to cut my files frame by frame before merging.


Follow is my perating steps for cutting and merging AVHD from JVC GZ-HD620BU without recoding for Corel Video Studio X3.


Step1: Download the MTS files from JVC GZ-HD620BU to Final Mate. It will auto capture your files from camcorder when it is connected. Select import in camcorder wizard. It is fast and easy.


Step2: Since I would like to merge HD620BU files into one MTS file, I first need to create a lossless output movie by clicking “Add” in Movies Tab for putting my 30 video clips on. Then select all the files from the Camcorder tab using Ctrl+A, drag and drop to the movie in Movies tab. By the way, if I want to merge all my files and convert to WMV for Windows Media Player, I just directly drag and drop the selected MTS files to the Movies Tab for creating a new movie for conversion.


merge mts jvc gzhd620bu


Step3: Double click to highlight the Movie in timeline you need cut or split with frame accuracy, preview the movie in the player, select the time point by moving Vernier, then click “PrevFrame” or “NextFrame” to locate the frame, and then click “Split” button, after that, delete the part you don’t want. You will get exactly what you see from the player.

cut frame by frame mts


Step4: Export joined MTS file to one movie with video/audio sync for Corel Video Studio X3 by clicking “Export”, enter into Export window, if I only have one movie for merging without conversion, i just click “OK” to start. If I simultaneously want to convert merged files to WMV, have two movies for output, one is MTS, one is WMV, I need first select output format WMV and then click “OK”.


Step5: Start exporting and get the output video with perfect video/audio sync.


After completed, just import the lossless MTS or converted MP4 to Corel Video Studio X3 for easier video editing with A/V sync.

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