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Freely Convert Panasonic Lumix MTS Video to MOV for Editing on Sony Vegas

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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In 2009 Panasonic added AVCHD Lite to parts of its Lumix line of digital cameras. AVCHD Lite is known as a special AVCHD format, which identifies devices that are capable of 720p/30fps recording. Compared with earlier digital cameras, the Lumix family gives a better encoding method and a higher video quality.



The AVCHD Lite is essential AVCHD format, saving files in MTS format onto SD/SDHC/SDXC card. When it comes to AVCHD Lite footage editing, we have found that most editing software such as Sony Vegas do not support MTS format for input. So that’s the reason why we need to convert MTS to other common formats before editing in Sony Vegas. In order to smoothly and more freely edit the AVCHD Lite video files from Panasonic Lumix cameras, you can choose to convert AVCHD to MOV format, which can be imported to Sony Vegas.


Follow the steps below, and you can do the conversion by yourselves. To get start, Aunsoft Final Mate is necessary because it is a rather great camcorder tool for video conversion and lossless output.


First, you need to connect your camera to PC if the MTS files have not been backup to hard drive of your computer. Certainly the MTS files are of large size, so I suggest you’d better connect to import them to Final Mate.


Then, you need to choose the files you have imported to resource tab and drag them to the movie tab under the resource tab. If you want to merge these MTS files into one, you can choose create one movie for output before you succeeded in dragging them to movie tab. If not, you can just choose to create output movies for each file.



The next step is setting the right output format and starts the conversion. You can click the format icon and choose Editor => Sony Vegas => Sony Vegas MOV. And after that, you should click the export button and wait for the conversion finished.



If you are Mac users, you can freely try Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac. And if you prefer use FCP X to do video editing, you must be bored with rendering when MTS files are loaded and transport to it for editing. Final Mate for Mac offers Apple ProRes for output which has a better compatibility with FCP X. So, you can do the editing without any rendering with high video quality.

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