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HD Video Recorder: HD cameras (AVCHD) or iPhone 4 (MP4)

MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac

MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac

1080 60p/50p conversion, convert TM700/SD600 to FCP/FCE, deinterlace/merge AVCHD files.
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The iPhone has been able to record video since the introduction of the 3GS, though videos on your iPhone 3G leave something to be desired. Now with the new unveiled iPhone 4, you can do it in stunning high definition. The camera has been upgraded to 5MP with increased quality compared to iPhone 3GS’s 3.2MP camera. Its advanced backside illumination sensor delivers great-looking video in both bright and low-light settings. And in dark environments, you can brighten the scene with the built-in LED light which is all new to iPhone.


Most important of all, a killer feature of iPhone 4 is its ability of recording video in full HD 720p at 30fps. “It’s REAL HD!” says Jobs. Not only can the application record HD videos, you can also edit your videos with Apple’s mobile version of its video editing software iMovie which costs $4.99. To put this all into perspective, you can record HD quality video, edit it right there on your phone, and send it via e-mail, MMS, to MobileMe, YouTube, and others.


HD/AVCHD Cameras VS iPhone 4 Camera, iPhone 4 720p


Given all the desirable features of iPhone 4, especially its full HD support dreamed by many video bloggers, some predicts that people might abandon their Sony HD cameras at home and take their iPhone 4 in their pockets. Well, they might be.


HD/AVCHD Cameras VS iPhone 4 Camera, iPhone 4 Sony


But I’m quite sure that compared to iPhone 4, HD cameras will still be the choice for most photographic lovers. Despite relatively expensive camcorders produced by Sony, Canon, JVC, etc., an affordable Sony Cyber-shot TX7 will exceed iPhone 4 far away in its HD video recording. Sony Cyber-shot TX7 produces AVCHD files with .MTS file extension: 1920 x 1080 (59.94i, Interlace) (Approx.17Mbps) / 1440 x 1080 (59.94i, Interlace) (Approx.9Mbps). With its very high-quality 10MP stills, Nice wide-angle 4x zoom (25-100mm equivalent), Top notch 3.5-inch LCD screen and AVCHD video with stereo sound, Sony Cyber-shot TX7 definitely prevails in HD recording.


However, Picture Motion Browser (PMB) in Sony HD camera do has a poor editing capability. Additional AVCHD editing tool is definitely needed if you look for a much precise and professional editing experience. More than that, AVCHD footage produced by Sony HD camera has been a big headache for most Sony users, simply because it’s hard to edit whatever in iMovie, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere on Mac or Avid, Sony Vegas on Windows. Therefore, a solid, reliable and well performed AVCHD converter with quality lossless output has been a big heat on the Market. Aunsoft Mac MTS/M2TS Converter  has a very good reputation in the market. It’s known for its outstanding HD output, AVCHD merging ability, deinterlacing function, as well as terrific performance to large MTS or M2TS files (10+ GB). As long as you’ve picked a right AVCHD converter, AVCHD cameras by Sony, Canon or JVC will show you what really HD is.


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