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How to Copy, Rip and Edit Blu-ray Movie on Mac?

Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

A professional Mac BD/DVD Ripper - rip/convert/compress Blu-ray and DVD movies for watching on iPad, ATV, iPhone, etc.
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How to crack complicated Blu-ray and DVD encryption? How to make a full Blu-ray disc copy or single Blu-ray M2TS file copy to hard drive on Mac? How to rip Blu-ray/DVD movie to different formats? How to edit Blu-ray/DVD video using the program? Here I will show you how to decrypt/copy/rip/edit Blu-ray/DVD movie with Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper for Mac step by step.

Now please follow the steps to quickly master the program.


This guide includes the following two parts:


Part one: Decrypt/copy/rip Blu-ray or DVD disc on Mac.
Part two: Edit Blu-ray/DVD movie by trimming, cropping, effecting and more.


Now, let’s go to Part one firstly.

Step 1: Download and run the Blu-ray Ripper for Mac, you will see an intuitive interface as follow:


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Main


Step 2: Press button “BD/DVD Folder” or “IFO File” to load the Blu-ray or DVD movies.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Import


Step 3: Select output format and destination folder.
SIf you want to make a full copy of your Blu-ray or DVD movie with pristine structure, you can click “DiskCopy” to achieve that in fastest speed. (The trial version only works three times.)


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Diskcopy


If you want to convert your Blu-ray or DVD movie to other format, please click “Format” to select one you want, and then set the output path you want to save your file.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Choose Format


Tip: If you only want to backup the single Blu-ray M2TS file to your hard drive, please first click "ViewMode" to change the displayed way of Blu-ray disc from chapters mode to single M2TS file mode, and then select the M2TS file you want to copy and choose Copy - Directly Copy for your output format to quickly get your high-quality copied file.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Directly Copy


Step 4: Start Blu-ray/DVD ripping or converting.
Click the Convert button in the interface, and then the conversion running will begin as following interface showing:M

Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Running


Other functions you may need:

1: Only check main movie, set subtitle, audio track of Blu-ray/DVD as well as merge into one file.

After importing your Blu-ray, DVD, or video into the program, you will find all Blu-ray titles, DVD chapters or all videos are selected by default. If you only want to get the main movie of your Blu-ray or DVD for converting, please right-click on any one file and click uncheck all, and then recheck the main movie or wanted chapter you want to convert. Or click “Unselect All” or “Select All” to uncheck or check all.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Check and Uncheck


The Blu-ray/DVD movie includes subtitle which contains more than one language as well as the audio track, you can select the language from the drop-down lists of “Subtitle” and “Audio”. And the subtitle will be hard-burned to the output video permanently. It is very convenient for playing Blu-ray movie with subtitle on iPad, iPod, iPhone, mobile phones, and more.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Subtitle


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Audio


If you want to combine a lot of files together to enjoy them without any interruption, you can check the box Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Merge on the main interface to join your files into one.


2: Set advanced settings

If you are professional in customizing movies, you can set the advanced settings to optimize the movie on changing Video Codec, Bit Rate, Video Size, Frame Rate, and Aspect Rate of video as well as Audio Codec, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, and Channels of audio by clicking button “Settings”.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial,Settings


Part two: Edit videos with some customization options.

If you want to personalize your video before the conversion, you can also do it easily with Blu-ray Ripper for Mac.

Click “Editor” button, you will see the editing window below. The original preview and output preview will be convenient for you to compare the original video and converted video effects. Under the Editor section, you can trim, crop, add watermark and effect, replace audio, and even flip video vertically and horizontally.


1) Trim video

To trim the original video, you can get the specific video length. Set the start time and end time under the trim section, or simply drag the timeline below the previews windows to select the video length. If that is not you want, you can click button “Reset” to trim again.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Trim


There are three ways available for you to trim the video:


First: Drag the slider bars

Drag Triangle icon below the preview window to locate the beginning and end of your clip during the preview.


Second: Control mark buttons

Press the button to locate the beginning and end of your clip during the preview.


Third: Directly enter the values

Input the certain time number in Set start time and Set end time fields.


2) Crop video
With Crop, you can cut off the black edges or any unwanted area, just like the follow interface show.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Crop


There are three ways for you to crop video.


First: Crop by adjusting the crop frame

Move your mouse cursor onto one of the eight small adjustment boxes on the cropping frame (the dashed line) and drag the crop frame to crop the video.


Second: Crop by set the values and dragging the slider bars

There are four crop values: Left, Top, Right and Button. You can input value to crop your video or just drag the four slider bars below the boxes to do the cropping.


Third: Crop video by dragging the scroll bar

Under the four crop values: Left, Top, Width and Height, you will find four scroll bars for you to adjust the value to locate the position quickly.


* Keep Original Aspect Ratio

If the “Keep Original Aspect Ratio" option is checked, the video will keep the cropped aspect ratio and adding borders if necessary during playing. Otherwise, the video will stretch the width or height to meet the screen.


3) Add watermark

The program allows you to add different watermark to protect your copyright avoiding illegal copying or personalize your video to meet your other special needs. With its watermark functionality, you can add video watermark, image watermark and text watermark.

Image/Video watermark: Enable the image/video watermark function; you can select a picture or video from your PC as a watermark to the video. Besides the still image like jpg, png, it also supports to add animated image format GIF. Meanwhile, its video watermark can naturally be displayed in the video to perfectly show a picture-in-picture effect. In addition, you can edit the image watermark by setting the position, heights and width.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Image Watermark


Text Watermark: This section allows you to input the text watermark to the video. What’s more, you can edit the text with different font, color and size. And you can click "Apply To All" to get all your video files added the image/video watermark together.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Watermark


4) Flip video vertically and horizontally.

Button is for you to flip video vertically. See the mouse in the above preview windows; it shows the effect after clicking the vertical flip button.
Conversely, button is designed for you to let the selected video flip horizontally.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Flip


5) Special effects:

This program enables you to set the advanced effect of the output video to customize your original video. According to your need, you can change the video brightness, contrast, saturation, volume as well as adding special effects: Simple gauss blur (remove image noise), Deinterlacing (remove interlaces), Simple laplacian sharpen (sharpen the color), gray (change the color to gray), etc. And you can click "Apply To All" to get all your video files applied to the changed effect.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Effect


6) Audio replacement:

Click “Audio Replace” button, check “Enable audio replace” option, and then select the audio file you wan to add by clicking the browse button.


Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Tutorial, Replace Audio


With above comprehensive and convenient functions, you will have more fun with this program--- Mac Blu-ray Ripper.

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