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How to Convert Different Video Formats with Aunsoft Video Converter?

Video Converter

Video Converter

Perfectly convert TiVo, MXF, VRO, VP6, M2TS, MKV, AVI, MVI, VOB, etc with high quality.
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Aunsoft Video Converter helps you convert between videos and audios to make your video playable on Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, iPad, Nexus One, Adroid phone, iPod, Zune, PSP, Western Digital TV Live. The converter supports importing various formats, including but not limited to AVI, MPG, VOB, TiVo, MTS, M2TS, MOD, TOD, MOV, MP4, EVO, DVR-MS.


This guide will show you how to convert video with Aunsoft Video Converter. The first part of the guide shows you the direct conversion with the video converter, and the rest for the additional video editing on the converter.


Part I. Convert video to the format you want.


Part II. Edit video.

Make your computer ready with Aunsoft Video Converter installed, and your videos on Windows computer.


Part I. Convert video to the format you want.


Step 1. Run Aunsoft Video Converter and import videos.

Aunsoft Video Converter enables you to import various kinds of video and audio formats for conversion. Click the Add button and browse any videos you want to convert.

Video Converter Tutorial, Import Video


Note: If you want to load TiVo video and have not installed TiVo Desktop Software, you will be asked for TiVo Meida Access Key by the converter. TiVo Meida Access Key is particular for each TiVo account holder. Below is the interface you will face when loading TiVo video.


Video Converter Tutorial, Options Tivo


Step 2. Choose output format and folder.

Click the option for Format, you will notice a long list of format profiles for you. Aunsoft Video Converter offers several groups according to the usage on devices, software. You will find the Xbox group and the profiles will output related compatible formats for Xbox.
Click the Browse button for Output, you can specify the folder to save the output files. You can change the folder for each conversion, making it easy for you to manage the output files.


Video Converter Tutorial, Output Format Folder


Note: Aunsoft Video Converter provides the Copy group for you to copy TiVo into MPEG file. Choose the Directly Copy profile, and you can quickly get the output video in high quality. There is also Remux group, which is to put the original video and audio data to another new file container format. Just make sure the output file format works with the original video codec and audio codec, and the transformation will work great for exporting high quality video.


Step 3. Change advanced settings. (optional)

Besides the different profiles, Aunsoft Video Converter provides the advanced video and audio settings like video codec, video bit rate, audio codec, audio sample rate, video size. Just click the Settings button next to the Format option. You will face the window like the following.


Video Converter Tutorial, Video Audio Settings


Note: If you want to join several video clips into one file, just check the box for Merge into one file option on the main interface.


Step 4. Start conversion.

Click the convert button on the bottom-right corner of the main interface, and the conversion starts.


Video Converter Tutorial, Start Conversion


Aunsoft Video Converter helps you convert videos to the supported formats by your iPad, Nexus One, Xbox, Android phone, home theatre system, WD TV, LED TV, Apple TV, Adobe Premiere, just to name a few.


Part II. Edit video.

Aunsoft Video Converter also provides easy video editing function, so that you can customize video quickly for your usage and preferences. This editing shall be done before starting the conversion. After loading video to the program, select a file on the file list and click the Editor button. Then, you can edit videos with image area, duration, effect, etc.


1. Crop video.

You can cut off the unwanted part of the video image or unwanted borders with the real-time preview. There are 3 ways for you to crop video.


Video Converter Tutorial, Crop Video


1) Crop video by dragging the green frame.

You may notice the green dashed frame on the original preview panel. Move the mouse cursor and drag the frame to the image area you want.


2) Crop video with exact value.

There are four direction values for you, Left, Top, Right and Bottom. Type the value you want and press the Enter key on keyboard to view the effect.


3) Crop video with slide bar.

Click the drop-down button for each direction, and you can drag the slide bar up and down to crop video.


2. Trim video.

You can trim the video with the duration you want in 3 ways.


Video Converter Tutorial, Trim Video


1) Trim video with triangle button.

Drag the triangle button under the preview window to the mark the starting point and the ending point.


2) Trim video with Set-in and Set-out button.

Click the Set-in button under the preview panel, when the video plays to the frame you want to set as the starting point; and click the Set-out button when the video plays to the frame you want to set as the ending point.


3) Trim video with exact value.

Under the Trim tab, you can enter value in the box for the starting point and click the Set button to view the effect.


3. Add watermark.

You can add two watermarks to your video simultaneously, text watermark and image/video watermark. Adding watermark to your video will make your video present your company logo, brand, and institute.


Video Converter Tutorial, Add Watermark


Click the Text Watermark tab, and check to enable text watermark on video. Then you can type the text character string and customize the font size, font style and text position.

Click the Image/Video Watermark tab, you can tick the Enable checkbox and browse image in JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG format, or browse video in various formats to the original video. You can change the watermark position and size with real-time preview.


4. Adjust visual effect.

Click the Effect tab and you can change video brightness, contrast, saturation and add filter effect like gray, flip color, aged film to the video. The program deinterlaces videos by default with the checkbox for Deinterlacing ticked, so that you will not get interlaced artifacts in the output video.


Video Converter Tutorial, Adjust Effect


5. Replace video.

Click the Audio Replace tab, and tick the box to enable replacing the original audio with a new audio file. You can also change the default volume of the output video.


Video Converter Tutorial, Replace Audio


6. Flip video horizontally and vertically.

There are two buttons on the Editor window for horizontal flip and vertical flip. Below is the effect of clicking the horizontal flip and vertical flip under the preview panel.


Video Converter Tutorial, Flip Video


Use Aunsoft Video Converter on your Windows computer to make your videos compatible to your portable device, home theatre systems, home network devices.

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