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How to Import P2 to Final Cut Pro

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Are you using professional HD camcorders, like Panasonic AGHV200, AGHPX170 or AGHPX370, etc? If it is so, you must know about Panasonic P2 video. P2 card is used on those HD camcorder models and they shoot the video in MXF format. So we would always like to call it P2 video or P2 MXF video.

And at the same time, if you are using an iMac and always need edit videos with Final Cut Pro 7 or its latest version, Final Cut Pro X, you are bound to encounter an issue: how to import P2 to Final Cut Pro?

Following questions would be related with this issue:

1. How to backup P2 MXF video on my Mac correctly, with both video and audio?
2. Is p2 MXF video compatible on Mac?
3. What will be supported by Final Cut Pro?
4. Why isn't the output file sync after the MXF conversion?


If you open a P2 card, you will find the file and folder structure like the screenshot below

All these folders are saved in the "Content" folder in the P2 Card. The Video and Audio for a P2 MXF file is saved in different folders and when you are trying to backup a P2 MXF file, you must copy all those folders, like the screenshot shown above, to the hard drive. Please do not just copy the Video, or Video and Audio folder, to the hard drive, or you will have troubles in converting P2 files to other formats.

How can you play a P2 MXF file on an iMac? It is a pity that only VLC player will play it, but it will not assure a smooth playback. So we would like to say that such a P2 MXF file is not 100% compatible on Mac.

And what's more, it will not be loaded into FCP, or the latest version FCP X, to edit. And no Panasonic P2 camcorders are supported by Final Cut Pro. FCP would be able to recognize some AVCHD (Lite) camcorders and import AVCHD files into from them. But It will not do a same job from any Panasonic P2 Camcorders.
So as we have mentioned: how to import P2 to FCP 7 or FCP X? The best solution will be to convert MXF to Prores 422, the format supported by Final Cut Pro. In this way, you must have a top MXF converter, so that you can get a Prores 422 file in good video and audio qualities.

For most of the MXF converter programs, they will only read the video part of the P2 MXF file and get video part of the P2 MXF file loaded, missing the audio part. So in this situation, the output file after P2 MXF conversion will not be sync in video and audio.

But Aunsoft TransMXF, top Mac MXF converter program, will help you pass through this serious problem. The P2 MXF conversion output file will be sync and kept in good video and audio qualities so long as you backup the P2 structures in the correct way, as we have mentioned previously. Aunsoft TransMXF will scan all those P2 card folder structures completely and get the correct video and audio data loaded into to convert P2 MXF files.

Following the steps below, you will be able to transcode P2 files to prores 422, P2 to Final Cut Pro within a few clicks.

After Aunsoft TransMXf is launched, click Add button and select the files in "Video" Folder to load P2 files. Aunsoft TransMXF will read and load the audio part of the P2 MXF file, as well as other necessary data, into the program automatically so long as all of the data from Panasonic P2 card are saved in the correct way, just like what we show in the first screenshot previously. Or you can drag the files in the Video folder into the program directly.

In the Profile list of the program, please just find the item for Final Cut Pro, where you will see a list of Prores 422 output options different in configurations.

After that, you can start P2 MXF conversion by clicking "Convert" button. It will be completed in a very fast speed because the conversion process will full-utilize all CPU cores. It will be 50% faster than most of other Mac MXF Converter programs.


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