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How to Upload camcorder footages to YouTube

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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If you have a HD Camcorder, you would like to share what you shoot with your camcorder by uploading it to the video share website, like YouTube. But it is a pity that AVCHD MTS files are not supported by YouTube; you can not upload MTS video to YouTube directly.


how to upload video to youtube

Yes, you can convert the footages to the formats supported by YouTube, such as MP4, MPEG and WMV, etc. But in this way, you have to pass through many additional steps to reach your goal. For most of the MTS Converter programs, you have to get each of your MTS files converted one by one; after that, you need to load the YouTube site, log into the account and then get the output files uploaded one by one. For the whole processes, you can do nothing but sitting besides your computer and flipping your mouse. Is it frustrated?


Aunsoft Final Mate will help you greatly in this job. Aunsoft Final Mate (Windows and Mac version are both available), is not only a MTS Converter, but also an AVCHD Editor, and it can do much more than you expected. It can upload the output video to YouTube AUTOMATICALLY, after the conversion is done. Besides the HD MP4 file, it can also convert MTS to WebM format and upload WebM format to YouTube. It provides the function recoding your YouTube account and accessing the YouTube directly to complete the uploading.

The following directions will show you how to convert your MTS files and get the output uploaded to YouTube directly.

1. Get the original Source AVCHD MTS files loaded into the Source list, from camcorder directly by Camcorder Wizard or from a local folder by "Add a Path" button below the Source and Camcorder list.
how to upload video to youtube

2. Create a Conversion movie by dragging the MTS files directly into the Movies list. The type of the output movie can be changed from the right-click Menu if the program creates a lossless movie. It is a must to create a conversion movie.
convert mts to webm

Tips: You can create a conversion movie by the option in the File menu of the program. Or by shortcut key "Ctrl + Shift + O"; "Command + shift + O" on iMac.

3. Select the output profiles for YouTube Video, HD MP4 and WebM format are provided there. Final Mate is also an AVCHD Editor program, which provides editing jobs, such as Merge, cut and split on Time-Line and Frame by Frame. It would be necessary for you to do some editing jobs before you share your videos to other people.
convert mts to webm

4. Before you start the MTS conversion, you'd better put your YouTube account information into the Preference tab of the program, so that the program will access the YouTube directly and start the uploading to YouTube automatically. The Preference option can be found in the "Tools" menu of the program. It has 3 tabs and Network one is what we need here.
youtube uploading

Tips: The Preference option can be opened by the shortcut key "Ctrl + P" or "Command + ',' "on the Mac version. And in some areas, a Proxy server is necessary to access YouTube.

5. After completing the steps above, click "Export" button to start the MTS conversion and YouTube Uploading.
youtube uploading

Tips: You can create several movie clips in the Movie list and get all of them converted in one MTS conversion process and all the output movie clips will also be uploaded to YouTube together. It will be a great time-saving!

Worry about the conversion speed? Aunsoft Final Mate will help you avoid such an important problem. In the program, we have integrated into many advanced GPU Acceleration technologies performed by different Decoders, such as Nvidia CUDA, AMD APP and Intel Decoders. Even on iMac, in the Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac , you can full-utilize your CPU cores to assure the 50% faster conversion speed than other converters.

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