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How to convert MXF to MOV and play MXF on iMac

What is MXF file? It is a HD format from Panasonic P2 storage card. P2 is a short form for "Professional Plug-In, is a professional digital recording solid-state memory storage media format introduced by Panasonic in 2004. It is widely used on many professional Panasonic HD Camcorder now, such as  Panasonic AG-HVX200, Panasonic AG HPX170 Camcorder, Panasonic AG HPX370 Camcorder, Panasonic AJ HPX2000, and Panasonic AG HPX300.  


Generally, MXF file will be in H.264 video codec, 1080P Full HD Video. But, different with any other HD Videos, MXF file has several Audio Channels which reserve audio datas from shooting respectively. So, a professional MXF Converter must keep all the audio datas from various audio channels. And on iMac, Mac fans always frustrates with MXF file because it is not supported by QuickTime player; and apps like iMovie, FCP X, FCE and iDVD will not support to import MXF file into it.


Generally, the only player which can play MXF file is VLC Player. But it is not acceptable sometimes because it can not play it smoothly all the time.


So for Mac fans, a professional MXF file converter for Mac is necessary. Or you will not be able enjoy the shooting from professional Panasonic HD Camcorders very well.


Although you would be able to Google out many MXF Converter programs, you will be angry with one terrible issue, which is commonly encountered in most of MXF Converter programs: the output audio is about 4X faster than video! In such situation, the audio becomes completely distorted and it ends far more before the video!


As we have mentioned above, not all of the MXF Converter programs can capture and decode all the datas from various audio channels of the MXF file.


Here we would recommend Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac, which is a professional MXF Converter and helps customer convert and transcode MXF file from Panasonic P2 Card camcorders to AVI, MP4 and MOV, etc. It is a Mac MXF file converter, which can help Mac fans transcode MXF file to ProRes 422 file in MOV format for Mac apps, such as FCP X, FCE, iMovie and iDVD, etc. You will be able to play the output file from Aunsoft TransMXF on QuickTime player.


It is very important that the output file will be video and audio sync, and still in Full HD video quality.


After the program is launched, you can load the file into the program by Add Video, or you can simply drag your MXF files into the program directly.



Tips: At this time, if the relative source audio file/files which reserve all the datas from various data can not be found in the same folder, the program will pop-up a message to notice you. To assure best conversion output, please check and put the source relative audio file into the same folder with original MXF file. That is the distinctive difference that Aunsoft TransMXF has with other so-called various MXF Converter programs.


After the file is loaded, select the output format and path. Click Convert to start the conversion.


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