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How to Duplicate, Trim and Delete a Clip in a Movie?

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Each individual need a distraction from his or her busy work. Definitely, travelling is deemed as a relaxed and free way to cope with stress and recharge. When it comes to travel, as an enthusiastic traveller acquire, a compact camera is the ideal companion as it will hardly take any space but can help you with photos and clips captured


Not only do you need to consider the preferable camera for your needs, you also need the bits and bobs to go with it. Rather than storing all your memories on one card, consider using several smaller capacity cards or backing up onto portable hard drive and even laptop in case of loss or data corruption. Sometimes, you would like to take several capacity cards as it's readily to be brought anywhere. Each time when getting back, I believe the first thing to be done is backing up all your captured videos in PC to ensure these precious clips of a safe storage.


If you are one of enthusiastic travelers, and often gather together for sharing different travelling experiences with your friends. Of course, it is impossible to copy the whole clips and then come to introduce everything and that kind of stuff would just make you like a goof. So, you need to do some cut and choose some parts for share with your friends and sometimes upload to YouTube.

Before sharing videos with friends, you need to extract some parts of your videos. Exactly, there're two ways, one is to use "cut" function to delete the unneeded segment and the other is to make use of Trim. Here are the available steps to make it.


Method 1 cut to get the exact segment.

After launching new version 1.8, you quickly find AVCHD files stored in PC by going to Resource Tab. Then, directly drag MTS to Movie column; move the Venire to the time point or position you want to split and click Cut the Clip. About this cut step, actually, frame by frame cut can meet your needs with more accurate length of the clip. Follow me to make this cut frame by frame.


When venire comes to the general location you want to cut, click the pause button . No doubt that all the frames around the location you paused at show up in the frame tab. Click the button  or button  to precisely identify the frame you need to cut. To repeat the method above makes it convenient to cut the movie into several parts. Then it’s turn to remove the unwanted parts with the simply clicking Delete button besides Scissor icon. Eventually, it approaches your demand with only the exact segment output after clicking Export.


Tips: You can use key "→" and "←" on the keyboard to locate the exact frame you want, too. And it is a more convenient way for you to use the Frame by Frame function.



Tips: Right-click your input file to choose the below option can copy with your intention of changing your output type.



Method 2 Trim your to access the needed part

Follow the same step with Method 1 to import your MTS, you can move your mouse to the left or right border of a video clip, and when the mouse turns into a square bracket, you can drag it to resize start and end of the clip. In fact, before trim, the most thing to be mentioned is that you need to care about the start time and end time required in the last output. In that case, you can export the part with right start and end time point.



Tips: Both Method 1 and 2 can do it for you with deleting some parts of the source file and only keep the wanted segment. However, compared with these two ways, there are some differences, Method 1 can help you with a frame by frame cutting, but as for Method 2, Trim function would not help you determine the exact frame you need easily and clearly.    


If you claim that some scenes in a movie are really so impressive in your video that you want to duplicate the certain part in a movie, Final Mate can make this duplication for you. In accordance with Method one to cut the movie with several segments, choose the part to be duplicated and then tick the option of Duplicate this Clip after right click the chosen segment. At this moment, you can check Export to get the output with a duplicated part embed in the source movie.  


Tips: Highlight the clip allows you to do some editing the left column in below picture.



Tips: If you want to duplicate and export the MTS clip for portable devices like iPod, iPad, or iPhone. Right click the clip in Movie and choose Duplicate this Movie, then same movie has been created. I bet you have found that Final Mate default the option for lossless conversion. But no to worry, ticking Change Output Type to Conversion among the options help you through this type change.



After choosing conversion type, just click format icon to set your preferable output formats. Mind that you remember the last step with checking Export.



With Final Mate, cut, trim, and duplicate is no longer a difficult thing. 

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