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How to Edit Sony Bloggie HD/Touch Videos on Mac and Windows

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Sony Bloggie series owns Sony Bloggie MHS-CM5 HD camera (records 1080p and 720p videos), Sony Bloggie MHS-CM1camcorder, Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5K camera and Sony Bloggie Touch MHS-TS20/ MHS-TS10 (Supports full HD 1080p video recording) etc. The attached PMB Portable software isn’t as extensive as Sony’s regular edition of PMB for its simpler design and only towards helping you upload footage to YouTube or other websites. And PMB software does not offer Macintosh compatibility.

So if you want to edit Sony Bloggie video on Windows or Mac, you can turn to professional editing software for help, but you must confirm that the video editors support Sony Bloggie video formats.


best video editor sony bloggie


Aunsoft Sony Bloggie Video Converter for Mac is also a useful and easy-to-use Video Editor for Sony Bloggie Mac, which can not only help uses to convert Sony Bloggie HD/Touch MP4 video to suitable formats for any devices or professional editors, but also enable you to edit Sony Bloggie videos by cropping black edges, trim unwanted clips, adding text/image watermark, flip bloggie video vertically or horizontally, adjusting effects, merging files, etc. It also comes with Windows version as follows:

Windows Version: Aunsoft Sony Bloggie Video Editor

Mac Version: Aunsoft Sony Bloggie Video Editor for Mac

The operational steps of Windows and Mac versions are the same, and the following operation screenshots are based on Mac version.

Step 1: Launch Sony Bloggie Video Editor from the start menu or by double clicking the program icon. And click the Add button to add Sony Bloggie HD/Touch MP4 movies to the program.

Step 2: Trim Sony Bloggie Videos: If you don’t like certain part from your Sony Bloggie video, you can drag the triangle button to the mark of the starting point and the ending point.


trim sony bloggie videos


Step 3: Crop Sony Bloggie Videos: You can drag the green dashed frame on the original preview panel or enter exact values to crop your Sony Bloggie video. 


crop sony bloggie videos


Step4: Adjust visual effect of Sony Bloggie Videos: Click the Effect tab and you can change video brightness, contrast, and saturation of the Sony Bloggie videos. The program supports removing


adjust effect of sony bloggie videos


Tip - Other editing functions: 1. You can add text, image, video watermark/logo to your Sony Bloggie videos. 2. You can make your favorite song to replace the original Sony Bloggie videos’ sound. 3. You can volume up and down the sound. 4. You can also rotate/flip your Bloggie videos vertically and horizontally.


other editing functions


Step 5: Merge your Sony Bloggie Touch/HD videos (Optional) and Output Sony Bloggie video.

When you are done with editing and don’t want to make any changes, select the output format you want to convert your Sony Bloggie videos to and click Convert button to start conversion. (Optional: If you want to merge the edited Sony Bloggie videos before conversion, please check the box of “Merge into one file”.) 


convert sony bloggie mp4


And after the conversion, what you get will be the edited Sony Bloggie videos. Hope you can enjoy this Sony Bloggie HD/Touch Editing Software!

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