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How to Load Sony HDR-CX150 M2TS to YouTube?

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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For most DV lovers, it is a pleasure to have a camcorder. They usually carry it with them to capture clips of life. And why a camcorder is so important for those people? Probably, I think they are life lovers as well. We often ignore things around us, so we lose the chance to discover and record these things. As a result, we may feel more and more tired and eventually we are stopped to get fun from our lives.


So how about going outside with me with Sony HDR-CX150 to feel nearer to the nature and record some precious clips in life? And how about sharing these videos with others through YouTube? I am ready to have a try, but there are some problems remain to be solved at the beginning.


First, can I load Sony HDR-CX150 M2TS to YouTube directly? Yes, YouTube supports most of formats for input, and M2TS is included too.


Second, does YouTube have a limitation of video length or size for input? Yes, a video file less than 15 minutes playing length and no more than 2GB size is allowed to be imported to YouTube. Now, the problem lies how to load M2TS to YouTube since my M2TS videos are all of huge size and long playing length.


As I believe that I need to have my M2TS videos converted to YouTube friendly formats like MP4, I want to use Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac to convert Sony HDR CX-150 M2TS to MP4 on my Mac.


But how to cut my videos by accurate positioning? Now, Final Mate for Mac has updated to the 1.7 version, making it possible for us to preview and cut videos by frame. I can choose a video clip and click “Switch View Mode” button to view video clip by frame. I will be allowed to drag the roller to change frame to the prior frame or next frame. Once the splitting point is selected, please click “Split” button to split/cut/divide the movie. Then click to select the divided part you want to cut off from the timeline, and click Delete button to remove the unwanted part. And then choose a frame to cut or get further editing.



Thus, I will easily edit the M2TS videos and choose MP4 format for output. The whole conversion process will only take a few minutes, and I will directly upload the videos to YouTube to share my life memories with others. All above is my whole plan, have you been eager for join me to have a lot of fun? Never forget, enjoying your life is the greatest happiness.

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