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How to Make MXF Files More Compatible with The Adobe Premiere CS5?

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As a representative one of Panasonic P2 series, AJ-HPX3700 records video files in MXF (Material Exchanged File) format as other P2 series camcorders do. However, the MXF files do not always stand for a more advanced experience though MXF is a HD video format with high video quality.  Sometimes you may want to import them to video editing tools like Adobe Premiere CS5 and then you will find that the MXF format means large file size as well as high video quality.


Although it is possible for MXF files importing to Adobe Premiere since the CS5 version, it always takes long time to import MXF files to Premiere CS5. The reason of this problem lies on the huge file size of MXF and the most important one is mainly because that MXF is not well compatible with the Adobe Premiere CS5. So it will take more time for rendering MXF files for Premiere CS5. Here is the best way to make MXF files more compatible with the Adobe Premiere CS5 and edit them with ease.


Step 1. Import P2 MXF to the Aunsoft Video Converter.


Run the Video Converter on your PC, click “Add” button and browse to the MXF files you want to convert for editing. After the MXF footages are loaded to the program, you can preview the videos at the Preview window on the right side of main interface. You can also simply control the playing progress by several function buttons. When the video is being played, you can take snapshots whenever you like.



Step 2. Set output format MPEG-2 for smoothly input to Adobe Premiere CS5.


The Video Converter is capable of converting MXF files to various video formats. As to convert MXF video for Adobe Premiere CS5, you should click on the “Format” bar and select Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas and then choose MPEG-2 as the output format from the profile list.


Do not forget to change the output path to save the converted MPEG files. Simply click the small folder icon next to “Output” field and select a folder that has enough free disk space to carry converted files.



Step 3. Start the conversion from MXF to MPEG for Adobe Premiere CS5.


Click “Convert” to start the conversion. The Video Converter supports batch conversion, so you may load multiple MXF files and convert MXF files to MPEG at one time. You can also merge them to one file by checking the box “Merge into one file” before conversion starts. After the conversion, you can import them to Adobe Premiere CS5 to have further editing without any time-wasting on video rendering.

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