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How to merge AVCHD/AVCHD Lite files and play them on WD TV Live Plus?

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Final Mate

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Nowadays, many people use HDTV to watch movies or videos for its high quality. And in order to play the files smoothly, some people choose WD TV Live Plus. It’s an excellent tool helps us streaming movie and Internet video to our HDTV. However, besides the videos from Internet or some way else, some people also shoot films with camcorders. So whether the videos in those AVCHD camcorders available on WD TV Live Plus? And if there are many video clips in one camcorder, is there a way to merge them into one file?


Firstly, you must know that most AVCHD camcorders save videos in .mts file extension, while WDTV Live Plus supports M2TS files but no MTS. Just for this reason, you can not play AVCHD/AVCHD Lite files directly on WD TV Live Plus. You have to change something in the source files. So you just need get to know one issue: How to merge AVCHD/AVCHD Lite files and play them on WD TV Live Plus? Aunsoft Final Mate can help you do it.


You can just follow the steps to get a lossless file playable on WDTV Live Plus:


Step 1. Capture videos from camcorder or local machine


Install Final mate and run it. Connect AVCHD camcorder to PC via USB cable. You will read the pop-up message asking you to use camcorder wizard or not. Follow the wizard to import the .mts files without looking into the camcorder folders. To load video from local machine, just go to the Resource tab and add folder path.


By such a Wizard, you can easily find and manage the file you want or need to finish the new movie. Previewing the file stored in the camcorder is supported. You are allowed just pick up the file you like to import or backup. Generally, you just need import the file into the program and it will not take up your HD free space and it is running quite fast. If you really need have those original files on your HD, running a background backup is recommended.




Tips: You can still go on your video editing jobs during the background backup process.


Step 2. Merge the files without losing quality


Click File menu or the exact button under the "Path" list and choose New movie for Lossless Output. Then drag and drop the file you want to the timeline.




Tips: You can create the movie by dragging the file to the Movie list directly. If the type of the movie is not what you want, you can change it by right-click the logo and choose the exact option shown in the screenshot below.



Step 3. Merge MTS to MKV for WDTV Live Plus

Click the Logo of the output movie to choose Lossless MKV format. And click the export button on the right. Then you will get MKV files available on WD TV Live Plus.




By the steps above, a lossless MKV is generated and you will be able to play it on WDTV Live Plus. But as far as Lossless is concerned, it is a way to keep the original quality of the file or remain the quality of the original file intact. In shorts, you will not get an output better than the original one in quality.


Although the quality of your AVCHD file/AVCHD Lite file is good enough, what about getting a better or sharper one?


Sometimes Re-encoding is necessary.


Please create a "Conversion Movie" at first.



And in the Output Profile list, we have provided the option for WDTV Live Plus. And also, many other popular HD Players can be found, as well, such as Popcorn and Xteamer.



After the Profile is selected, click the "Set Parameters" button.



In the following dialog-box, please pay attention to certain setting items, such as Frame Rate and Video Bit Rate. Generally, the higher value you set for Bit Rate, the better quality you will get after the conversion. If the original video is in 50P or 60P, please set the correct value for Frame Rate there, too.



Tips: The default value for Video Size there is 1920x1080. So if the original video is a 720P file, you can get a 1080P file by re-encoding the movie. But by lossless way, you have to keep the original 1280x720 and nothing can be changed.


Click OK to confirm the modification and start the conversion by the "Export" button, too.



At last you need to copy all the output movies into USB drives and plug into the WDTV to enjoy it. Or store the movies in a NAS Server and enjoy them by DLNA since Sony TV is DLNA Certified.


Tips:If you convert the movie in larger bit rate settings, the size for the output file will become larger, as well. So if you care about it or want to save more movies on your HD drive or NAS Server, lowering down the bit rate settings will help. But the quality of the video will be degraded.

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