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How to Split the Movie into Two or More Parts?

Final Mate

Final Mate

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If you shot a speech contest with Panasonic HDC-TM700, and how can you pick out the video clips in which the speaker has a better performance since you would like to review them in your computer? In short, the problem is how to split the movie from a camcorder into two or more parts.


As a matter of fact, it is very easy to do with Aunsoft Final Mate. To be prepared, you need download the program and install it to your PC. The installation is very easy and fast.


Ready to go? Okay let’s continue.


1. First, you need to decide in which way to import the video in camcorder SD card to the program? The program provides two ways, Import and Backup. And as far as the backup is concerned, you can do the process in a background way.


On one hand, direct importing means time-saving but you will not save the original videos on your HD drive. Of course, it will be good if you do not want them or you do not have too much free space on the HD drive. Backup process, actually, same with the "Copy" command of the Windows OS, will be time-consuming for such a large amount of data. And you can do nothing with the program during the whole process of backup. So if you really need save the original videos from camcorder into the computer, you'd better use background backup. Although it means the lower priority in running, you can do other jobs with the program.



Tips: Actually, I do recommend you to Import the files into the program and run the background backup simultaneously. While the file is being backup, you still can do the editing jobs at the same time. It is quite efficiency.


2. After importing, you will find the files displayed in the Source tab, and you can double click to preview them in the preview window on the right side of main interface. Before splitting, you need to create a movie for lossless output.



What is lossless output in Final Mate?

Final Mate offers you export AVCHD videos without any recoding or converting to maximize keep the original video and audio quality with the shortest exporting time.


Just drag the file to the timeline under the preview window, then a movie for lossless output has been created. And another way to create a movie for lossless output is also very simple. Have you found the export mode button at the bottom of the movie tab? Just click it and choose “For lossless output”, then you can freely drag the file from camcorder wizard tab to movie tab to create a movie for lossless output.


Tips:Only files in the same configurations can be used to create a lossless movie together. The Same Configurations means files are in the same video/audio codec, resolutions and frame rate. Files in the different configurations can only be merged in a recoding (conversion) way.




3. Frame accuracy makes you split the video at the exact frame location.


After creating the movie for lossless output, you need to click the start button to play the video. When it comes the general location you want to split, click the pause button and the frames near the location you paused will be displayed in the frame tab. In order to get frame by frame splitting, you need to click the button  or button  to locate to the previous frame or the next frame. Or you can also use the keyboard shortcuts to make it. “←”Left arrow Stands for the previous frame, and “→”Right arrow stands for the next frame.


The still frame you see on the preview window will be the exact frame you do splitting there. Not all of the editing tools can do this job. For most of them, editing programs will only locate on the I-frame of the video. But Final Mate will locate on the B-frame and P-frame, too. That is real frame accuracy editing!


Then, you are offered two ways to cut or split the movie.


The first is cutting a movie into two or more clips, the clips are independent with each other. Find the button and click to choose cut the clip option and then the movie will be cut into two parts, if necessary, you can repeat the cutting with ease. You can so some simple operating on the clips. For example, you can choose a clip and move it to change the location on the timeline, so that you can freely change the orders of video clips to get a new movie. And if you want to repeat the episodes which are interesting enough twice or more times, you can also right click at the clip and choose to duplicate the video clip on the timeline. And also, in the right-click menu, you can choose to create a movie for the clip as well.




The second way is splitting the movie into two or more parts, but each of them has been created to a new movie for output. Click the

button and choose split the clip and the movie will be split into two movie for output at the very frame you see on the preview. Similarly, if you want to select more clips by splitting, you can repeat the steps above until you get all the video clips you want.



4. Delete the video clips you don’t need and export videos you want.


Just click the video clip you want to delete and clck the button to delete it with ease. After all have done, you need to click the export button to start the lossless output AVCHD videos.



Tips: Or you can get the clip deleted by simply press "Delete" key on the keyboard. And multi-clip selection is also supported by pressing the "Ctrl" key while selecting the segments on the timeline. You can get all the unwanted clips selected and deleted together by this way.

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