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How to Import Camera AVI video to iMovie for Editing?

Video Converter for Mac

Video Converter for Mac

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Import Camera AVI video to iMovie, Camera AVI iMovie


"When I tried to take my AVI video shot by Samsung NV3 digital camera to iMovie, I could not import AVI to iMovie, as there is error message saying the project was created but no video. My video was filmed with 720x480 in AVI format." Have you ever happened to such a problem?


Even though it is announced on that iMovie supports AVI with MJPEG, but there are many such questions asked by iMovie users. I am not sure why the camera avi video could not be imported. But after my attempt to use Video Converter for Mac to convert 480p avi camera video to MOV, and import to iMovie, it makes a success. If you want to know how to, please follow my steps.


Here are the steps of how I convert camera 480p avi to mpg for iMovie without losing video quality.


Step 1. Load camera AVI video to Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac.
Transfer the camera AVI to iMac hard drive, and run the AVI to MPEG converter to load camera AVI videos. You can find the Add button on the application to easily load avi camera video.


Step 2. Choose MPEG output for iMovie.
Click the Format option and choose Common Video > MPEG-2 Video(*.mpg). Actually, there is MPEG-1 video option, but the default size (720x480) of the MPEG-2 option on the application is the same size of my 480p video.


Import Camera AVI video to iMovie, Camera AVI MPG iMovie

Tips: I want to keep the original video quality, thus I click the Settings button and choose original from the bitrate option.


Step 3. Convert AVI to MPG for iMovie.
Click the convert button to convert camera AVI to MPG for importing to iMovie.


With Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac, you no longer have any video format problem with iMovie. Just take it as your camera video partner on Mac.

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