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Import Panasonic HDC-HS9 MTS to FCP X with No Rendering on Mac Lion

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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What seems important for a camcorder is the dual storage capabilities built into it. Panasonic HDC-HS9 doesn't use video tape or DVD disc; instead, it records AVCHD video and JPEG stills to a built-in 60GB hard drive or to SD/SDHC memory cards (the latter aren't included with the unit). The unit's four video-quality settings range from 6 mbps to 17 mbps; we tested the camcorder at 17 mbps.


As my Mac OS has updated to the latest version, Mac OS X Lion, I intend to make full use of it with Panasonic HDS HS9 and Final Cut Pro X. I believe it will be an interesting attempt as Final Cut Pro has updated soon after Mac Lion. Perhaps, I will be the first man who conducts the research with both new version of Mac product.


Some people have found that FCP X has been changed to support more video formats for input, and MTS is included as well. Thus, I am able to import Panasonic HDC HS9 MTS files to FCP X without transcoding to other formats. While importing MTS files to FCP X, it always informs me that the file need render, since MTS file does not perform very well in FCP X, in other words, FCP X has its own requirements about format or codec, although other formats can also be imported.


As I do not want to render my videos, I think I have to change MTS files to Apple ProRes to make them more compatible with FCP X on Mac Lion. So, I start Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac and import Panasonic HDC HS9 MTS to it.



Then I drag MTS files to movie tab in order to create output movies for conversion. Before converting I am allowed to edit these files with cropping, splitting and trimming. Next, I click the format icon on the right side of movie tab, and choose Apple ProRes 422 (.MOV) for output format.


The last step is clicking the export button and waiting for the conversion finished. Only in this way can I import MTS files to FCP X with no rendering.

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