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Initial conversion to convert raw Panasonic P2 MXF files to QuickTime

TransMXF for Mac

TransMXF for Mac

Convert MXF camcorder video to MP4 for iPad, iPhone, PSP, to MOV for FCP, iMovie, FCE on Mac.
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Panasonic P2 camcorders are professional camcorders records videos in HD MXF. P2 camcorders support a large number of SD and HD video formats at various frame rates, saving any recorded material to memory cards instead of having internal parts that move, such as a hard disk drive or a DVD disc. With the capability of resisting to high temperatures, shocks and vibration, P2 camcorders can capture the fast movement of the game and stay clear if you need to move around the field to capture the entire game while filming, which make P2 ideal professional camcorder to shoots fast motion, especially spots.

P2 MXF format is a typical MXF type with each track of video and audio are stored in separate files. The P2 adopts a 6-character identifier in the filename of all related files. To manage your P2 MXF contents, you must ensure that related tracks are kept together when P2 MXF clips are moved or copied. 

"The talent show within our company was astounding. It was a huge success and everyone had a great time. The only weak link in our production however, was the videographer. Although he obtained some good footage of the event, it was handed to us on a hard drive as just raw P2 MXF files; no editing, no conversion, nothing watchable on any system in the entire company."

My suggestion is to convert raw P2 MXF files to QuickTime for Mac. 

Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac, an intuitive and user friendly camcorder format converter can fast convert/batch convert MXF files to QuickTime on Mac, including the latest Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

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Step1: Add MXF files to Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac

Import MXF file to this mac camcorder video converter. Click "add video or drag and drop MXF material into file area directly.

Tip: You shouldn’t move the separate P2 MXF video out of the whole MXF structure folder, or the MXF video would be wrong without audio.

Step2: Choose appropriate MOV format


Click the “Format” option in the main interface of Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac, t choose QuickTime Movie Format > DVCPRO-NTSC (*.mov) as output format.


1. DVCPRO HD is a 100 Mbps extension of the DVCPRO (25) and DVCPRO 50 formats, used for capturing and editing high-quality HD video, DVCPRO MOV keeps high video and audio quality for playback MXF video format in QuickTime.

2. NTSC is the video standard used in North America and most of South America. PAL is used in most of Europe, Australia and large parts of Africa.

Step3: Set audio and video profile

Before you  copy P2 MXF footage to QuickTime format, you can set profile via clicking “setting” icon. 
Under the options of QuickTime MOV, the video frame rate is up to 60fps to keep high quality needs for playback in QuickTime.

Tip: The video resolution and video quality is extremely depends on your source P2 MXF file.

Step 4: Click "Convert" icon to convert P2 MXF video to QuickTime MOV

After  P2 MXF video to QuickTime MOV conversion completed, you can click "Open output folder" icon to locate the output MOV video.

For Aunsoft TransMXF takes bridge effect of initial MXF conversion, you can freely enjoy HD MXF videos in QuikTime.

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