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Merge/combine/join Thanksgiving Day videos to H.264 mp4 for Apple TV—edit/split HD videos frame by frame

Video Converter for Mac

Video Converter for Mac

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Thanksgiving Day is coming. I hope with each passing day early to arrive this annual holiday. Tracing back to my memory, it has been 3 months since last time I had dinner with my parents. After getting my new job in New York, I have been loaded down with the endless work. Miss my sister Lily and my parents so much...

Was going through my old video collection of Turkey Day and found some interesting episodes! There’re so many memorable footages captured by HD cameras/camcorders. This 2010 turkey festival clip transported me back to Thanksgiving Day in 2010, which records the sweetness from my fragrant family. On that day, my tall, handsome father set out savory 15 pounds’ turkey while my 16-year-old sister was occupied in decorating the house with flowers… just then, an idea just pass through my mind. How about combining these camcorder videos into a movie for Apple TV? It must be a happy moment of watching movies on Apple TV over delicious turkeys.
merge thanksgiving videos to apple tv

Reflecting upon my footages, I’m surprised to find the unforgettable and interesting clips varies from 1080p, 720p, and 1080i. It just strikes me that some videos are among horrible types, like Panasonic SDR-S50 captured MOD and also JVC GZ-HD40 TOD. How to join all the memorable segments of different types? In order to seek out a best App for joining/merging the clips to Apple TV, I made a comparison between Video Converter for Mac and Final Mate for Mac.


Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac is really a powerful conversion tool, by which any types of input are accepted. Adding these clips to Video Converter, I recalled all the memories on the Turkey Day on the Video Editor. Glad to find that this conversion tool also makes trimming and cropping a breeze. After several steps in editing bar, I quickly go back to the main window. Not working on editing, so I’m bewildered which format to choose for Apple TV compatible formats. Then, I have to say that it’s so user-friendly that all operation in Video Converter makes me happy. Drop down the format to excitedly find there’s profile of Apple TV, which really cut the trouble for me.

merge thanksgiving videos to apple tv

Just as mentioned, I’d like to figure out the best software to merge/join the multiple videos into one movie. After launching Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac, all my videos automatically shows up after adding the path from my internal hard drive, which seems to be faster than Video Converter in terms of importing files. Drag all my clips to Movie for creating a long episode, and change the output type to Apple TV format.  After several minutes in crunching the App combined conversion with editing, some advantages were noticeable that Final Mate can help me with more accurate split to get the exact frame I want, which indicates I can even select the exact still frame, not the time point like Video Converter for Mac processes. Okay, I get the so-called split frame by frame from the timeline on Final Mate now.

How to do frame by frame editing in Final Mate for Mac? When venire comes to the general location you want to cut, click the pause buttonthanksgiving videos for apple tv.  No doubt that all the frames around the location you paused at show up in the frame tab. Click the button thanksgiving videos for apple tvor buttonshare thanksgiving video on apple tv to precisely identify the frame you need to cut. To repeat the method above makes it convenient to cut the movie into several parts. Then it’s turn to remove the unwanted parts with the simply clicking Delete button besides Scissor icon. Finally, it approaches your demand with only the exact segment output after clicking Export.
share thanksgiving video on apple tv


Compared Video Converter for Mac with Final Mate for Mac, I get the result. Video Converter for Mac supports most of input types, but Final Mate for Mac can helps me with frame-accurate editing. Final Mate for Mac, as HD video editing software is the best choice for HD camcorder users.


P.S. The same functions will available in Video Converter for windows and Final Mate for windows if you have both Windows PC and iMac, Cross-platform bundles sound a good choice for you, in which the same program packs for Windows PC and iMac are integrated together. And such bundles will be 35% off on sale.

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