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Join AVCHD MTS/M2TS Files to One AVCHD File without re-encoding

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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Article from a Customer:

Talking about lossless merging/joining capability, I believe for many HD camcorder users like myself this is exactly what we are looking for all the time to maintain original high definition quality of recorded video footages. Yes, no conversion, no en-coding, just merging files together to one single file of same format. Personally I tried lots of other software which claimed to handle AVCHD streams lossless without converting, but that's not true. In most cases the audio and video go out off sync and for others, or software crash too often to even use it properly. All I want is really simple, merging AVCHD files from my Panasonic TM700 without transcoding so that I can playback via WD TV HD Media Player (Gen 1).  


I have to admit that before I came cross the software I’m going to recommend today, this whole thing is a very depressing experience. I just couldn’t be happier when I finally found this software called Aunsoft Final Mate which does exactly what says on the tin! I'm using the software to simply merge home movies I made with TM700 to one single file, and that is it, no fancy stuff afterwards. After that, I access the finished video via my WD TV HD Media Player (Gen 1) and watch it on my TV.


This is how the program looks like:


create a movie by adding to timeline


Aunsoft Final Mate works like a charm for lossless merging AVCHD files. As a happy customer, I highly recommend it!


Editor's Note:

For customers who would like to merge and play MTS for WD TV Live Plus, you may refer to the guide for joining AVCHD MTS for WD TV Live Plus in high quality.

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