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Join Christmas Videos from Sony HDR-XR500 for Windows 7 Media Player

Final Mate

Final Mate

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It is said that Windows 7 Live Movie Maker supports AVCHD camcorder videos, and indeed it imports my Sony HDR-XR550 videos. However, when I merge the files, Windows 7 Live Movie Maker puts a slight gap between the MTS footage. It also takes an age to convert from the source to the HD quality on my PC.


I just want to join native AVCHD files and use media play in Windows 7 for playback. After searching for the Windows 7 Live Movie Maker alternative, I find Aunsoft Final Mate the perfect AVCHD merger to join Sony HDR-XR550VE videos. Unlike Windows Live Movie Maker, there is no fuss or big gap in between the joined AVCHD files.


xmas promo wmm win 7 alter


Follow the steps below to merge/join Sony HDR-XR550 on Windows 7 for playback on media player. It saves me a day waiting for the conversion on Windows Live Movie Maker. If you want to merge your home videos recorded during Christmas holidays or New Year, the following steps would also work for you.


Step 1. Import Sony HDR-XR550 videos to Aunsoft Final Mate.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate as the time-saving Sony HDR-XR500 AVCHD joiner, click the "Import" button to browse the .mts files on PC hard drive. If you have videos on camcorder, you can also directly capture AVCHD files from camcorder after connecting to computer.


Step 2. Merge Christmas AVCHD raw footage.
Generally, you may notice that the video clips with same format or recording mode will be created as one movie with the batch loading. To add another video clip to one movie, just double click on the movie and go to the Files tab. Click "Add Media" button to import another file, then drag and drop the video to timeline.


merge xmas video windows 7


You can also cut and trim the video clips to keep the useful part and remove the unwanted segment on timeline. Just move the Vernier to the time point you want to cut and click the Split button. Click the unwanted segment on timeline and click the Delete button.


Step 3. Join MTS files without encoding.
Click the "Export" button and click the OK button, the AVCHD video joiner will start merging Sony HDR-XR550 MTS/M2TS videos with no recoding.


Just wait for a few minutes for the non-conversion joining process, you can put and play the merged videos on Windows 7 Media Player.

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