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Keep 1080/60p 28Mbps to Author TM700 MTS into BD for Sony BDP-S570

Final Mate

Final Mate

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I shot my daughter’s birthday party with the Panasonic TM700, which provides HD 1080/60p recording with 28Mbps videos, and use MTS as extension. I wanted to burn them to a blu-ray disc and playback on the Sony BDP-S570 player with my family. Now all I want is to combine all video clip into one and then use MultiAVCHD to burn them to BD, so I don’t want any transcode software to let me make a conversion for merging, I really need a merged true 1080P 60 fps 28 Mbs file. Can anyone confirm this to me?

In order to solve this program, you need provide three tools:
1. AVCHD joiner like Aunsoft Final Mate for merging without converison
2. Free Bluray burner software multiAVCHD
3. Blu-ray ROM like Sony BDU-X10S BD-ROM drive

Now I will introduce the step-by-step guide for authoring high def camcorder files MTS/M2TS into Blu-ray Disc.

Part 1: Merge TM700 1080/60p 28Mbps MTS into one MTS file.

Step 1: Download Aunsoft Final Mate as a TM700 1080/60p 28Mbps MTS Joiner and launch the app.

Step 2: Capture/Import 1080/60p 28Mbps MTS MTS from Panasonic HDC-TM700 Camcorder to the program. After imported, the files will be displayed in Camcorder Tab.

Step 3: Click the drop-down button for the Add movie icon and choose lossless output, drag and drop the 1080/60p 28Mbps MTS clips from the Camcorder tab to the movie ID, and the files with the same parameters like frame size, audio channel will be joined to the movie. Or you can directly drag and drop clips to Timeline using Ctrl + A for directly merge all the TM700 1080/60p 28Mbps MTS files.

Step 4: Click the Export button and click the OK button for only one movie need export without converison, a second later, you will get one MTS file and keep original 1080/60p 28Mbps.

Part 2: Author/Burn TM700 1080/60p 28Mbps MTS to Blu-ray (BD) for Sony BDP-S570 with multiAVCHD

Step1. Download the latest version multiAVCHD_4.1 (33MB). (If you have already downloaded, you can skip this step.)
Note: Make sure you have at least twice (2x) the size of input files/folders free space allocated in the path you selected for TEMP folder/drive.

Step 2.Run multiAVCHD and add Panasonic TM700 1080/60p 28Mbps MTS file by clicking “Add Video files” in the menu bar on the top of the software interface and specifying destination path of BD folder in pop-up window.

Step 3: Click “Start” button to choose output format and burn.
Before you start burn 1080/60p 28Mbps mts file to Blu-ray disc, make sure you insert a writable Blu-ray disc through Blu-ray drive. After that click “start” and then choose “For all Blu-ray players” in “Select destination media (USB/SD/SDHC/MMC/MemoryStick)”. The program immediately starts to burn. You can follow the process in “Log tab” at the right of the program’s interface. The process time depends on your original size of MTS file.

After lossless 1080/60p 28Mbps mts files merging and burning it to a blank BD disc, you can put the BD disc to your Sony BDP-S570 for playback on HDTV. You can imagine how amazing to enjoy the recordings with pristine HD quality on Bluray Player.

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