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Lossless Burn Panasonic HMC-152 AVCHD to DVD in Nero

Final Mate

Final Mate

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When you have a camcorder like Panasonic HMC-152, you probably want to enlarge the usage and get more application from it. The HMC152 is designed to offer cost-efficient enhanced HD production capabilities for video lovers who desire professional features, extended recording capability and the fast, simple and highly reliable workflow.


This camera brings most of the advantages of solid state media like p2 and SxS with the low media cost of SD. Of course, you have to take extra care of your cards. Certainly plugging directly into any newish TV and showing rushes instantly will prove useful in many situations. The HMC152 features three native 16:9 progressive 1/3" CCD imagers to ensure stable shooting. The HMC152 handheld is capable of both 1080i and 720p recording at 13Mbps, comparable to current HDV compression formats with bit rates of 25Mbps.


Sometimes, would you like to burn Panasonic HMC-152 AVCHD files to DVD and enjoy your videos on TV without connection to your computer? Panasonic HMC-152 shot videos in MTS format which can be imported to the burning tool like Nero, but MTS file always has a big size that a DVD disk is not able to carry enough videos as you expected. So what can we do to solve this problem? Here is the quick solution for converting AVCHD files to MPEG4, you can read and do as introduced below.


At the beginning, you must choose where you would like to import your AVCHD files from. If the files are in camcorder, please connect it to your PC and you will be asked to choose whether import files directly to Aunsoft Final Mate or backup files before importing. However, if your files are in your PC hard drive, you just need to run Aunsoft Final Mate and add the path of your AVCHD files to the resource tab, and then all your AVCHD files in this path folder can be displayed in the resource tab.


Next, you can drag the files you want to convert and drop them to the movie tab. Thus, you are succeeded in creating new movies for conversion. Find the format icon and click to set the output format for your movies. Find the MPEG4 and select it by a click.




After that, you can click the export button and start the conversion. If the output folder on your hard drive has not enough free space for storing the final files, Final Mate will inform of you until you clear the folder. Finally, you can import the MPEG4 files to Nero, and with several steps you will successfully burn the AVCHD files to DVD.

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