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Lossless Converter for AVCHD Camcorder Users, Batch Convert MTS/M2TS Without Re-encoding

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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Article from a Customer:

For HD camcorder users including myself, shooting HD videos is one thing while exporting and editing those videos is another. Yes, videos in camcorder look stunning, but most of these HD camcorder generate video files, like AVCHD, TOD, MOD, that can not be fully supported by many NLE, for example Window Movie Maker and media players. A pain in the ass.


I use Sony HDR-SR7 and record AVCHD 1080i videos with HD XP mode, the highest quality mode which gives approximately 8 hours of video. Recently I've recorded my sister's wending and planned to make some editing on these video clips with Windows Movie Maker and later burn it to a DVD disc. I've tried to use Picture Motion Browser ver. 2.1.00 which is shipped together with the camcorder to make some basic editing, such as merging, transaction, etc. But combined AVCHD MTS clips using PMB is just unusable as video and audio is out of sync. I'm not sure what the problem is till now. Plus the software stops working so often that I can barely make to work properly. After several hours testing, I gave up.


All I want is really simple, just merging those Sony SR7 1080i MTS files, deleting/trimming unnecessary parts and maintaining its original HD quality at best in the whole process.


So I began to search on Google for software that can help me to make AVCHD readable and editable in Windows Movie Maker and can maintain its original HD quality at best. It took a whole Saturday afternoon to finally find what I need, import and editing software especially for HD camcorders, which enable me to merge Sony SR7 wending video clips into one single file and convert to Windows Movie Maker supported format WMV HD.


There are three main reasons that I choose and would like to recommend this software to my friends and colleagues:
1. Its camcorder wizard helps me to capture/copy/download AVCHD 1080i MTS files directly from Sony HDR-SR 7 to Final Mate or hard drive. With the help of convenient wizard, I don't have to locate those videos clips each time which saves me lots of time for my project.




2. It helps me join SR7 MTS files to one single file and export windows movie maker supported format WMV HD.




3. In addition to batch conversion AVCHD capability to other video formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc, Aunsoft Final Mate's most impressive feature is its lossless AVCHD merging/splitting capability without re-encoding, which is also one of its biggest highlights. Unfortunately I haven't been able to testify this out as I rarely have found a stable media player that can handle combined 1080i mts files so well.


All in one, Aunsoft Final Mate is only one product out there I've found that is most helpful for dealing with AVCHD camcorder users on windows platform. It helps you import AVCHD MTS/M2TS files to computer, convert HD videos to readable and editable formats and also provides lossless output option for people who require merging/splitting MTS.M2TS files without recoding.

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