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Lossless Remux Panasonic HDC HS700 MTS to MKV for WD TV

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

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With the development of HD technology, more and more HD media players appear to give us an excellent visual impact. And among them, WD TV is more likely to be the most popular one.


The WD TV Live Hub supports analog component video output in addition to HDMI. It also has front and rear USB 2.0 ports, an optical digital-audio output, analog stereo RCA outputs, and a composite video output. The WD TV Live Hub supports all the important media containers and codecs, it supports the most important online media services, and it includes a 1TB hard drive at a price that’s hard to beat.



However, it has been proved that WD TV is not able to fluently play MTS videos from HD camcorder like Panasonic HDC HS700. I think MTS files demand a conversion, so I downloaded a video tool to help me convert MTS to another format.


Although the whole procedure was very successful, it took too much time for me to wait for conversion finished. The so called best converter seems not as good as I expected. To my surprise I find a camcorder tool which is said to have another solution for playing Panasonic HDC HS700 MTS on WD TV. This special software is called Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.


Remuxing MTS to MKV is a new method to deal with the problem above. Now, I will start my project with following steps.





Panasonic HDC HS700 with a USB cable, my MacBook, a mobile hard disk drive and certainly a WD TV.


First, connect Panasonic HDC HS700 to MacBook with USB cable. Make sure the connection is steady enough during the whole project. Final Mate for Mac will automatically run when connecting them, and at this moment you can choose to backup your MTS files in backstage or directly import them to Final Mate for Mac.



Second, you will find the MTS videos in resource tab, and then drag MTS files to timeline to create a movie for lossless output. In fact, if you want to merge MTS files into one without transcoding, you can select them in all and drag them to the timeline.


Third, find the format icon and click to choose lossless MKV for output. The software has a acquiescent output path, if you want to change it, just click the button “Set Output Path” to make it.



Forth, click the export button to start remuxing. Only several seconds later, I get the MKV files for playing in WD TV. And I immediately copy these MKV videos to the mobile hard disk drive. In this way, I enjoyed my MTS videos on WD TV with the mobile hard disk drive connected to WD TV 2.0 port. Although, something in MTS folder had been changed during the remuxing process, picture quality had been kept with high quality.


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