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Lossless Split or Cut MTS Files on Mac OS X without Transcoding

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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For many HD camcorder users, How to split or cut MTS file footage on Mac OS X is a common problem. On PC, people can use bundled software with camcorder for simple editing including MTS or M2TS files splitting, cutting, etc but the camcorder software is only limited to windows version. Mac users are forced to use third party software to divide and cut MTS files.


The guide introduce how to simple cut MTS files without re-encoding with the best camcorder software on Mac OS X – Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.


Steps of Lossless Cutting MTS Files on Mac

1. Load MTS files to Final Mate for Mac

You can either import MTS files from camcorder or from Mac computer.

- Import MTS files from camcorder to Final Mate for Mac

Turn on your camcorder and connect it to Mac computer with USB cable. Then launch Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac as the best camcorder software. Follow camcorder wizard included in Final Mate for Mac to easily capture and download MTS files from camcorder to Final Mate for Mac. 



Imported MTS files from camcorder will show in Camcorder Tab of the main interface of Final Mate for Mac.


- Import MTS files from Mac computer to Final Mate for Mac

Click on Browser button to locate your MTS file path and Final Mate for Mac will automatically show all MTS files in Resource Tab.


2. Cut, Split MTS files on Timeline

First of all, create a movie or multiple movies for adding MTS files. In order to lossless output MTS files, please make sure you create the right kind of movie with Final Mate for Mac. Click on button and choose “For Lossless Output”.


Drag and drop MTS files either from Camcorder Tab (MTS files imported from camcorder) or Resource Tab (MTS files imported from Mac computer) to the new lossless output movie or movies.



Move the Vernier on Timeline of Final Mate for Mac to the time point you want to cut or split the movie and click  button. Then the MTS movie will be divided into two parts. Click to select one part and delete it with button.



3. Lossless output MTS Files without re-encoding

To export cut or spitted MTS movie, please click Export button and you can confirm you output details in Export window. Click Ok to start lossless exporting MTS files without transcoding.


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