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Losslessly Convert Panasonic TM900 MTS for Gphone on Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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I believe Panasonic TM900 is one of the most popular camcorders, because many of my friends have bought one. And I would like to watch videos on my Gphone from Panasonic TM900.


I have known that Panasonic TM900 shots videos in MTS format, and the problem is how to play MTS videos on my Google Phone? Many Gphone users may be puzzled by it as I am.


I think I have to search for a converter to make it. Then I have tried many converters and eventually I find the best one to losslessly convert MTS for Gphone. Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac is said to be the best camcorder companion for DV lovers. Here I am pleased to share the procedures to convert Panasonic MTS for Gphone with you, hoping it would be of much help.


First, import the MTS files into Final Mate for Mac. As I have transported the files on my Mac, I just need to run the program, the MTS files will appear soon after adding the right path folder to resource tab. And if you want to convert on your PC, you can get the Windows version of Final Mate.


Second, create a converting project by dragging MTS files to the movie tab, you will find the format icon on the top right of your movie. You can edit the video before setting the output format.



Third, which is the most important step, set the output format to Gphone MP4 by clicking the format icon.



Finally, click the convert button on the lower right corner of main interface. The conversion will not take much time, only several minutes are ok. Then transport the MP4 videos to the Gphone is a piece of cake, and I succeed in watching Panasonic MTS videos on Gphone.


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