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Losslessly Merge/Join Sony XR520V MTS Files for YouTube Upload

Final Mate

Final Mate

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While YouTube now does accept MTS files for sharing, it is easier for Youtube lovers to share the recorded videos from HD camcorders including my camcorder Sony XR520V for viewing by family members or friends worldwide. Many users are looking for a solution to join AVCHD files in a lossless way for uploading to YouTube. This guide will show you how to merge mts files with re-encoding, and upload to YouTube in real HD quality.

Aunsoft Final Mate is the recommended AVCHD merger on Windows platform to join AVCHD camcorder mts/m2ts video footage without decoding or recoding. Follow the guide below and enjoy the easy process to share HD videos from Sony XR520V to YouTube.
Step 1. Capture videos from XR520V to computer.

Connect XR520V camcorder to computer with USB cable, and run Aunsoft Final Mate as recommended lossless mts/m2ts joiner to merge mts recordings from camcorder into one file with no quality loss. Aunsoft Final Mate will detect Sony XR520V and pop up with the smart camcorder wizard for importing videos to the app. Select “Import” instead of Backup to quickly capture videos from camcorder. You can find imported videos under Camcorder Tab in the main interface of Final Mate.
Step 2. Join XR520V AVCHD Files into one without quality loss.

Drag AVCHD video files from Camcorder Tab to Movies Tab. There will be a pop-out window shown as the screenshot below to confirm your purpose. Choose “Create A Single Movie” and all the MTS recordings will be merged as one single movie.

Step 3. Lossless output in Full HD and upload to YouTube.

Click the "Export" button and click the OK button. AVCHD video clips generated by Sony XR520V will be joined as one without conversion. Your original high definition quality is retained.
When you get the lossless mts raw output, go to your YouTube account and render the MTS files with the option for HD video. It is so easy to upload the joined XR520V MTS files to YouTube with Full HD quality for video sharing video streaming.

If you want to downscale AVCHD video generated by Sony XR520V, you can convert & downscale mts clips to mp4, f4v formats with Aunsoft Final Mate for uploading to YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing websites.

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