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Mac Convert AVCHD MTS/M2TS Files to Iomega ScreenPlay HD AVI Format

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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The Iomega ScreenPlay HD Multimedia Drive is a 500GB drive with the storage capacity to hold up to 2 million photos, 9,250 hours of music, or 750 hours of video, enabling family and friends to share high-resolution photos, music, and videos in the comfort of the living room, without a computer. For many AVCHD camcorder users, how to play AVCHD MTS/M2TS files on Iomega ScreenPlay media player has been a problem since Iomega ScreenPlay doesn’t give support for AVCHD files.


The guide introduces how to convert AVCHD files to Iomega ScreenPlay HD AVI format on Mac OS X to easy enjoying memories on big TV with best AVCHD camcorder software on Mac – Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.



1. Import AVCHD MTS/M2TS files to AVCHD to HD AVI converter

Launch AVCHD camcorder companion – Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac from Application folder of your Mac computer. Then click on Browser button

to locate your AVCHD MTS/M2TS file path and Final Mate for Mac will automatically show all AVCHD files in Resource Tab.



2.  Join AVCHD MTS/M2TS files into one Movie

Drag and drop AVCHD files from Resource Tab to Movies Tab or Timeline to create a new movie. During the process, a pop-out window will show as following:



Choose “Create A Single Movie” to join AVCHD clips into one movie for converting to Iomega ScreenPlay HD AVI format.    


3. Choose HD AVI format as output format

Click on Export button and follow “Common Formats” > “HD Video” > “AVI HD Video (*.avi) format to choose Iomega ScreenPlay supported HD AVI format.


convert avchd to Iomega ScreenPlay HD AVI Format


You can also set video bitrate, frame rate, codec, file size(pix) on Settings for customized format for Iomega ScreenPlay.


4. Batch convert AVCHD files to Iomega ScreenPlay HD AVI format

Click Ok to start conversion from AVCHD video footage to HD AVI format for smooth playback via Iomega ScreenPlay with Full HD quality in big screen TV. After the process is complete, you can access output HD AVI video by clicking on “Browser for Export Path” of conversion window.


You may be also interested to know how to lossless join AVCHD files for Full HD playback on DUNE HD Player.


Tip: If you are a windows user, you can find windows version of Aunsoft Final Mate to easily handle AVCHD, TOD, MOD video footage on Windows machine.

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