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Mac Video Playback on Droid X - Convert AVI/VRO/MTS/MKV/TiVo to Droid X

Video Converter for Mac

Video Converter for Mac

Best Mac Video Converter for iPad/iPhone 4/iTouch 4. Transcode HDV/AVCHD to ProRes, AIC,etc.
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While Motorola Droid X with Android OS is released, some may have the question about the Mac compatibility of Droid X to Mac computer. Actually, Droid X is compatible with Mac and you can charge the smartphone and transfer files from Mac to Droid X, or transfer files from Droid X to Mac. However, is it possible to make video collections from iMac play on Droid X?


Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac is the recommended Mac video converter for Droid X, which allows you to convert videos from Mac to Droid X MP4 and transcode the recorded .3gp files from Droid X to Mac compatible .mov. The source videos on Mac could be TiVo videos, VRO/AVI/MTS/M2TS and even MKV videos.


Tivo MKV Video Droid X Mac


Here I would like to demonstrate the quick workflow to convert Tivo videos to Droid X MP4 on Mac Snow Leopard, as the steps for other videos like .mkv, .vob, .vro, .avi are much simpler.


Step 1. Load videos to Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac.
Run Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac as the best Mac Droid X video converter. As we are going to import TiVo for conversion to Droid X, we can click the "Option" button and enter the Media Access Key (MAK) for your TiVo videos. The MAK is unique for each TiVo recorder. Then click the "Add" button to browse the .tivo videos from Mac computer. Below is the screenshot for the window for entering the TiVo MAK.


Import Tivo Video Mak Mac


If you are loading other videos like .mkv, .vob, .vro, .avi, you just need to click the "Add" button or drag and drop the videos to application UI.


Step 2. Choose MP4 format for Droid X.
Click the "Format" option, and choose Android > Motorola Droid X H.264 Video(*.mp4) as output format. The Mac video converter will transcode videos to MP4 for Droid X on Mac, including TiVo to Droid X, MKV to Droid X, VOB to Droid X, VRO to Droid X, AVI to Droid X, MTS to Droid X, M2TS to Droid X and so on.


Tivo Video Droid X MP4 Mac


Step 3. Convert video to Droid X on Mac.
Click the convert button under the preview window, and the Mac TiVo/MKV/VOB/VRO/AVI to Droid X converter will start converting videos to MP4 for Mac video playback on Droid X.


Step 4. Transfer Mac video to Droid X.
Connect your Droid X with memory card to Mac computer with USB cable, and select USB connection from the notification on Droid X. Then touch USB Mass Storage, and you can copy the Mac videos from computer to Droid X under the DCIM > Camera folder.


You can freely download the Mac videos to Droid X for playback during your travel on bus/train/ship and so on.


If you would like to play Blu-ray movies, DVD movies through Mac to Droid X, it is recommended that you use Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac to work on Snow Leopard and Leopard. You may also get more information from the Aunsoft Droid X video solution column.


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