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Mass Merge MTS Files from Sony SR7 for Lossless Output and Conversion Simultaneously

Final Mate

Final Mate

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I just got the Sony sr7 I shot about an hour of video which is stored on the camcorder in 130 individual files. When I import to pc it imports 130 separate files. I want to merge those 130 files into one using the software that came with sr7, but it not very well, every time we tried performing this action the software crashed after about 15 minutes into the conversion process. So I just want to know what would be the best way to join mts files without spending day's rendering. I really need a function of mass merging of the sony sr 7 'mts' files to a single 'mts' file to facilitate management. After searched online, I found and tried different methods to join 'mts' files, but the result is just a crap. I really lost my patience on doing this until my friend recommend a professional MTS merger for camcorder. Fantastic to finally see a program that can save MTS files in their native format without recompressing.


I had to mention its name-Aunsoft Final Mate, for it is a very professional and convenient AVCHD joiner for Sony camcorder MTS merging with least mounts of clicks. And it not only lets me mass join/stitch my 130 AVCHD .mts files from Sony HDR-SR7 into one “MTS” file without recompression and play very well on VLC, Popcour Hour, etc, but also let me batch merge/convert my 130 MTS files to WMV format for burning DVD with Windows DVD Maker. Even, the MTS merge without recoding and conversion can be done simultaneously. So cool.


Follow is my experience on mass merge MTS files from Sony SR7 for lossless output and conversion simultaneously.

Step1. Import avchd .mts videos from Sony SR7 camcorder to Aunsoft Final Mate.
Use USB 2.0 cable to connect sony hdr sr7 camcorder to PC, run Aunsoft Final Mate. Follow the camcorder wizard to import camcorder videos. I just click the "Import" button to browse .mts files. Finally get the window with .mts files from sony sr7 listed.


Step2. Create a Movie for merging without recompressing.
Click the Add movie button, and a movie for lossless output will be created by default. Select the 130 files I would like to join into one file from the Camcorder tab, drag and drop to the movie.


Step3. Create a Movie for merging and conversion.
Then from the down list of “Add” button, I just select “For Conversion”, the a blank movie from conversion is created. Drag and drop the 130 individual files using Ctrl + A into the movie.




Step 4. Confirm output details and select WMV as output format for Windows DVD Maker.
Click the "Export" button and I will face the pop-up window describing my output information, It said that I have two movies for output, one for lossless output (means no conversion), one for conversion, so I need select a format before click “OK” to start (Very humanized design). So I choose Common Format, and then choose the WMV as output format for DVD maker.



Step5: Start mass merge MTS files for lossless output and conversion simultaneously.
After all these settings done, click “OK’ to start lossless output and conversion simultaneously. Then I will get two files, one is MTS, one is WMV.



Tip: The program also works for other AVCHD camcorders like Panasonic HDC-TM700, HS700, SD700, TM900, Panasonic TM350, Sony HDR-CX110, Sony HDR-SR1, Sony HDR-CX150, Canon HG10, Canon HF S200, Canon HF200, and so on.

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