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Merge and Edit Thanksgiving Video Footages from Various Camcorders and burn in iDVD

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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What will you do during the Thanksgiving Day holiday? Yes, I am sure you would say that a family feast around toast turkey is a must. But what about after the feast? We will have a 4-day-holiday in the whole Thanksgiving Day vacation. As far as my family concerned, we would like to go out and have a happy journey in the rest of the Turkey Day Holiday.

And also, in my family, all the members are enthusiastic camcorder shooting fans. Yes, each of us has a different camcorder of his own. So while we come out for journey, we would like to shoot our own videos by our own camcorders. I have a Panasonic TM900 and I would like to shoot the video and 60P HD quality. My sister, Kimberly, uses a small and lovely Sony Handycam HDR; and my younger brother, Mark, who is still a college student and can not afford such an expensive AVCHD Camcorder, uses a JVC one shooting MOD files.

In this Thanksgiving Day holiday, we are all interested in the nine big parks in the city of Orlando in Florida State. Yes, the nine big ones include the Disney Magic Kingdom and the Island of Adventure, which are favorite of us. So, after the family feast day, all of us go to the city Orlando to spend our Thanksgiving Holiday there.

You know, it is quite warm and comfortable in the Florida State in the whole year, even though it is in the Winter now.
merge camcorder video footages

Of course we have spent an exciting holiday there. And also, all of us shoot thousands of the video footages, to record and memorize those exciting moments in the Orlando.
merge camcorder video footages

After we come back home, sitting in the living room, we still talk about the wonderful footages in the camcorders of each own. "What about choosing some wonderful clips and burning a DVD? Maybe Mum and Dad would like to enjoy what we shoot in this way", Mark said. "It is a good idea. But I am afraid we must find some programs to merge video footages from different camcorders first", said by Kimberly. Yes, it is an important issue.
We have shot so many clips but how can we pick what we want out, cut out the unwanted part of frames and merge them together? A proper program is necessary.

And also, we found another issue: we shot videos in different configurations. In my Panasonic TM900, we always shot 1080P 60P AVCHD files; but Kimberly set his Sony Handycam to shoot in AVCHD Lite clips, which means videos in her camcorder memory are in 720P; and Mark, his SD Camcorder only shot footages in MOD format.

It means that we must find a program to be compatible on mac with all of our camcorder footages.

First of all, we find the program called Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac. Yes, this program can load all the files from our three different camcorders. And it provides an option, "Merge into one file", by which you can merge all your loadings into one file. And it provides the exact output options, like Apple Prores 422 and AIC, Apple Intermediate Codec, which can be 100% compatible with iDVD to assure the following DVD burning job.
edit camcorder video footage

But we found that it is just a conversion tool, which can not help us manage the camcorder footage with ease and do some necessary edit jobs, such as trim or cut the unwanted frames out.

Another program from Aunsoft site, named Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac, caught our attentions. It is described as a specific camcorder assistant program for camcorder fans. And it is both a camcorder video editor and converter.

It had a camcorder Wizard, which will be shown automatically after connecting your camcorder to computer. In this part you can select the clips you need to edit with in a clear and easy way.
edit camcorder video footage

Aunsoft Final Mate provides time-line and frame by frame editing, you are allowed to drag your original video footages onto the time-line and edit them as a whole movie project.

It is amazing that this program can create a movie with all kinds of video footages, no matter what the configurations of the files are, 1080P, 1080i, 720P, 50P and 60P, etc. You can add all your camcorder footages, all what you need to create a movie, to the time-line and edit them. You can cut, split and trim the episodes. And the most important one is that the footages on time-line will be merged into one movie file!
All what you need is jut to highlight the clips in the Source tab and then drag all of them onto the Time-line, no matter your video footages are in 1080P or 720P, AVCHD MTS or MOD .
cut the unwanted

In addition, Aunsoft Final Mate can also deinterlace the videos. In the Kimberly's camcorder, some 1080i videos are found. She is not very familiar with those settings of the camcorder videos and some 1080i movies are produced in this way.

Above the time-line, a button called "Deinterlace" is offered there; after you highlight the clip on the time-line, this button will be active. And also, some other editings, such as, cropping, adjusting the brightness and color, can also be found there.
cut the unwanted

Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac can also convert your video footages to Prores 422 or AIC format, which will be 100% compatible with iDVD.
As you can see, by such a program, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac, video footages from my camcorder, Kimberly's Handycam, and Mark's JVC one, can all be merged and grouped together, into one file.

By the help of Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac, we finished the edit of the original video for burning a DVD, including merge different video files in different configurations, cut or trim the unwanted part. 

What's more important is that Aunsoft Final Mate will reserve the date and time information integrated in the original AVCHD MTS file in its encoding output. It is a job that any other common Video Converter can not do! But it is a important feature for camcorder videos which will help people remember the exact day in which the video is shot. So the output from Aunsoft Final Mate will help you memorize the exciting moment in Thanksgiving Day in a better and more impressing way.

If you are using a windows PC, not Mac, Aunsoft Studio also provides the Windows version for Final Mate and Video Converter.

In the Thanksgiving Holidays, Aunsoft Studio provides a super discount bundle, including Final Mate and DVD Ripper, which is only 49.9 USD; actually, the DVD Ripper program is almost FREE in this bundle. You will get a free DVD Ripper in this way.

Aunsoft Final Mate, just like its name, is an Ideal Final Mate for Camcorder Fans.

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