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Merge/combine Sony MTS to WD TV without Losing Quality

Final Mate

Final Mate

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“I want a program to join Sony sr12 MTS files in original format for playback on WD TV Live. Having tried a lot of editing software, all they can do is to convert MTS to MP4, which is not my ideal solution by re-encoding MTS files to mp4 for WD TV. As far as I’m concerned, lossless merging MTS is the best solution for WD TV to keep the original HD quality. ”


No matter FCP or Sony Vegas, or whatever advanced editing software, they can’t achieve the goal to lossless join Sony MTS files for WD TV. To preserve the totally same HD quality with the original Sony MTS, I’m afraid that an ordinary MTS Converter is unable to deal with this lossless conversion. Fortunately, you have HD camcorders’ Final Mate to help you combine MTS files into one without re-encoding. This program is the best solution to join MTS files to WDTV without losing quality, providing the fast way to merge bundle of Sony sr12 files into one MTS movie. Without re-encoding or any conversion, you can get joined HD video for WDTV Live in a flash. No worries about the exported MTS movie, the merged MTS file will keep original 1080p HD without any quality loss. More, it’s also worthwhile to mention it also supports CUDA and AMD to accelerate conversion speed up to 5X faster.


Below is the solution of merging Sony MTS to WD TV without re-encoding.


Download Sony’s Final Mate from:


Step1: Import Sony sr12 MTS to Final Mate

Using USB to connect Sony sr12 to PC and then launch Final Mate, a pop-up window asks you to follow the camcorder wizard. You can back up Sony MTS files onto PC during conversion; of course, you can also just import videos.

As for how to use Camcorder wizard to manage HD videos, please visit this guide:


Step 2: Merge Sony sr12 MTS files into one MTS without encoding

After loading MTS files into Final Mate, select “Lossless Output” type. Next, drag multiple MTS clips into Movie to create a single MTS movie.



1. Final Mate supports the function of customizing the name of joined MTS movie’s name.

2. Final Mate can also rewrap your HD videos to MKV without any quality loss.



Step 3: stream joined MTS into WD TV Live

You’ll be surprised to find lossless conversion will be done in an instance. The last step comes to stream merged MTS to WD TV Live, so as to enjoy HD videos on WD TV.


With only $49 to get Final Mate to merge MTS without losing quality for playback on WD TV Live, I bet you would not miss out this professional HD Camcorders’ final mate.


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