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Merge/Join/Combine Canon HF S30 AVCHD Videos Without Transcoding

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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The Canon Vixia HF S30 camcorder is the latest in the line of Flagship semi-Pro camcorders with a 32GB internal flash drive and 2 SDXC-compatible flash memory card slots. Its 24Mbps Recording mode offers the highest bit rate in AVCHD. Not only does Canon Vixia HF S30 capture images in Full HD, but also records and outputs at 1920×1080, so you get Full HD, from lens to screen.

However it's not enough to get Full HD videos in camcorder, another equally important thing is to view the AVCHD videos in computer, WDTV Plus, Popcorn Hour or other media player. That's what we pay additional $500 for HD camcorder for. WDTV Live Plus, Popcorn Hour, DUNE HD player as well as other media players have given full support for playback HD AVCHD videos including mts, m2ts formats. The only problem we are facing right now is to find a stable tool which helps us to merge All AVCHD video clips recorded by Canon HF S30 to one single file in a lossless way. Aunsoft Final Mate developed by Aunsoft Studio is the tool for HD camcorder users to import and edit AVCHD video footages. The greatest highlight of this program is its lossless merging/joining capability of AVCHD MTS/M2TS files from Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC camcorders also including our featured camcorder today Canon HF S30.

How to merge AVCHD 1080/60i videos from Canon HF S30 into one single file without conversion with Aunsoft Final Mate? Check out my detailed guide below:

Step 1: Copy/Download/Capture AVCHD recordings from camcorder
There are two ways you can handle your Canon HF S30 AVCHD videos. You can either backup videos to computer first or directly extract videos to Final Mate for future editing.

- Capture Canon HF S30 AVCHD videos from camcorder.
To load AVCHD video clips from Canon HF S30, just connect the camcorder to computer with USB cable. Run Aunsoft Final Mate and choose to follow wizard. Select "Import" instead of Backup to quickly capture videos from camcorder. After that, you can find all imported videos under Camcorder tab in the main interface of Final Mate.

- Import AVCHD videos from your computer.
If you have already backup all your video recordings in your computer, you can browse your video path and the software will automatically show your AVCHD clips in Resource tab.

After you successfully import AVCHD MTS M2TS video clips to Final Mate, you can drag AVCHD files to Movie tab. There will be a pop-out window shown in the screenshot to confirm your purpose. Choose "Create A Single Movie" and all the MTS or M2TS videos will be merged as one single movie.

Tip: If you want to merge AVCHD files without any re-encoding with Aunsoft Final Mate, please make sure that basic parameters of your source files including resolution, frame rate is the same. Only in this way can Final Mate combine AVCHD clips into one AVCHD file in a lossless way without any transcoding. Take Canon HF S30 for example, no matter which frame rate mode you choose to record videos, there will be no problem for Final Mate to merge AVCHD clips without encoding as long as AVCHD files are with same frame rate and resolution.

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