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Merge/Join/Convert World Cup AVCHD Camera Videos for HDTV

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Convert World Cup AVCHD Video for HDTV, Fifa Camera Video HDTV


The South Africa World Cup FIFA began from June 11, 2010 and the second matches between teams starts. I am glad to know to Argentina won South Korea with 4:1. If you are lucky enough like my brother, you can shoot videos during the games at spot, even from the auditorium. However, my brother came back soon after he watched the game between Argentina and South Korea. He sent me the videos he captured during the vocation and asked me to help him merge the videos for watching and sharing on HDTV.


With his Sony Cyber-shot DSC- HX5V, the video comes out as .mts format. His videos contain not only the FIFA World Cup games with Lionel Messi from Argentina team, but also the sightseeing he visited. And Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter an easy tool to join the clips into one file and make it the memories for South Africa FIFA. Just follow the steps below and you can make your AVCHD camera videos for World Cup.


Step 1. Load Sony MTS videos to Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter.
With the bundled software Picture Motion Browser, it is easy to capture the .mts videos from Sony Cyber-shot HX5V to my computer. Run the AVCHD MTS joiner and click the Add button to load South Africa FIFA camera videos.


Step 2. Choose HD MPEG output for HDTV.
Nowadays, High-definition Television supports many different kinds of formats and to ensure the output HD video works for most HDTV, I click the Format option and choose HD Video > MPEG-2 for HDTV.


Convert World Cup AVCHD Video for HDTV, World Cup MTS MPEG2 HDTV


To ensure the video quality of the output .mpg video, I also click the Settings button and choose original option for the Bitrate.


Step 3. Merge video clips into one file.
The AVCHD MTS joiner provides keep option to merge mts videos. Just make sure the checkbox for Merge into one file is ticked, and the videos will be joined together after the conversion starts.


Step 4. Convert Sony MTS to MPEG for HDTV.
Click the convert button under the preview window and the conversion from Sony .mts to HDTV .mpg starts immediately. With the step3 we mentioned above, the FIFA World Cup videos in South Africa will be merged with one file output.

1. Before the mts conversion with joining several avchd mts videos, you can select the video on file list and click the move up or move down button to arrange the sequence of the videos.
2. After the mts joiner finishes conversion, just share the output videos to HDTV via UPnP or transfer the .mpg video to NAS for sharing.
3. If you are using Mac computer, you shall not use Picture Motion Browser in step1. Instead, you can use iPhoto to transfer mts from Sony camera to iMac and the Mac MTS joiner to merge video clips.


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