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Merge/Join Multiple M2TS files from Canon Vixia HF100 into One M2TS File

Final Mate

Final Mate

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Aunsoft Final Mate is the recommended best M2TS Merger, which supports merging/joining 2 or 3 or multiple M2TS files into only one M2TS file without conversion and losing any quality. If you owns camcorder like Canon Vixia HF100, which creating native M2TS files, if you want to merge/join these M2TS files into only one M2TS file and keep its native HD quality, you can use Aunsoft Final Mate to merge/join Canon HF100 M2TS files into one raw M2TS file with no loss of quality.


Now I will show you a fast way to merge raw Canon HF100 M2TS recodings into one file without conversion.


Step 1. Capture native M2TS files from Canon Vixia HF100 camcorder to Aunsoft Final Mate.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate as the fast M2TS joiner without recoding, and use USB cable to connect your Camcorder to PC. Then follow the camcorder wizard to import videos. After selecting the Import option, you will face the window to choose the video clips for importing to Aunsoft Final Mate. And the default option is to create movie with files in same format (fps, codec, bit rate, etc.) (Then the m2ts will be merged into one movie on a limetime.)


Step 2. Split or cut Canon Vixia HF100 M2TS movie in useful pieces. (Optional)
From the timeline, you may notice the vernier, which is used as time pointer. Click on the Vernier, and move to the timeline you want to cut, and click the Split button to cut the video. Then select the unwanted or unimportant parts and click Delete.  


To change video sequences, just click on the video clip on timeline, drag and drop to the left or right for the position as you like. One movie will be exported as one file with Aunsoft Final Mate.


best canon hf100 m2ts joiner


Step 3. Merge/join multiple Canon Vixia HF100 M2TS files without conversion.
Click the Export button and then choose Lossless Output and click the OK button, the MTS/M2TS Joiner will start merging large Canon Vixia HF100 .m2ts files into one m2ts file without conversion at the fast speed. The non-conversion process will prevent loss of quality when merging Canon Vixia HF100 M2TS files.


merge m2ts without recoding


If you think that MTS/M2TS file is so large that can’t play smoothly on media players or portable devices, you can also use this program to convert MTS or M2TS file to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc with smaller size for playing.

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