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Merge /Play AVCHD MTS for WDTV Live Plus in Full HD Best Quality

Final Mate

Final Mate

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Have you ever faced the problem that while some users share the experience of merging AVCHD MTS files into one for WDTV HD media player, but it does not work on your WDTV Live Plus? Some even have difficulties playing AVCHD movie from camcorder with WD TV Live.


Possible reasons for the problems of playing merged MTS on WDTV Live Plus:
1. WDTV HD media player supports MTS/M2TS, while WDTV Live Plus supports M2TS files but no MTS.

2. Most AVCHD camcorders save videos in .mts file extension, while for some camcorder models, the videos are saved in .m2ts file extension.

3. The header info of MTS file is different from that of M2TS in file structure.

4. The lossless merged output file from Aunsoft Final Mate is compatible with WDTV1, but not WDTV Live Plus.


merge mts wdtv live plus


For the first factor, MTS is displayed on the box of WDTV HD media player, but not on WDTV Live. We could report to Western Digital for MTS files. Getting the camcorder model with .m2ts will save you from the trouble of video playback on WDTV Live Plus, but the saving method is designed by the manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony, Canon, JVC, etc.


For some MTS files, we can rename to .m2ts, but it sometimes does not work because of the header info. With the current V1.6 of Final Mate, even though the lossless output does not work on WDTV Live Plus, Final Mate also provides transcoding for MTS to HD MP4 with best quality for WDTV Live Plus. Both the lossless output .mts and the HD .mp4 play perfectly on PC, and there seems no obvious difference between the two files. Have a look at the screenshot from PC:


fm lossless mts vs hd mp4


Actually, the HD MP4 video, encoded in high Bit Rate, seems to be a little sharper than lossless output MTS, only keeping the original values, in frame quality. The latest version of Final Mate offers lossless output MKV files from AVCHD files with short time's remuxing.


The output videos from Final Mate are available here: (To show the quick result, the files are split from one clip, not merged.)
Lossless Output: Movie 3.MTS
HD MP4: Movie-4.mp4

Below is the quick step for you to AVCHD MTS for WDTV Live Plus in full HD best quality. If you face similar problem on PlayStation 3, Popcorn Hour, the following steps would also help a lot.


Step 1. Capture videos from camcorder or local machine.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate, connect AVCHD camcorder to PC via USB cable. You will face the pop-up message asking you to use camcorder wizard or not. Follow the wizard to import the .mts files without looking into the camcorder folders.
To load video from local machine, just go to the Resource tab and add folder path.


Step 2. Merge files into one with no conversion.
Soon after the files are imported, select the files, drag and drop the clips to the movie tab as a single movie for conversion.


drag drop conversion merge


Step 3. Merge MTS to MP4 for WDTV Live Plus in HD.
Click the Export button and go to the Common Format. Go to HD Video > H.264 HD Video (*.mp4) and change video bit rate to high quality, audio bit rate to 640000. Click OK to start joining AVCHD MTS files from camcorder.


merge mts hd mp4 bit rate


When the steps are done, you can stream the merged videos from WDTV Live Plus to HDTV

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