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Merge Sony Handycam CX150/CX350/CX550 Movies into One with Highest Quality

There are video joiners which do not seem to have any limitation/requirement on the source footage for merging, but when it comes to different specifications, the final video would not work properly. The most common issue is the video and audio sync problem.


Aunsoft Final Mate provides two kinds of AVCHD video joining, one is to merge videos as lossless movie, the other is to combine different format/video like mts, m2ts, mod, tod and then convert to state-of-art H.264 format, or other file container.


For lossless joining the AVCHD, TOD, MOD files, the following factors will be detected:

Video: codec format, aspect ratio, frame rate, width x height.
Audio: codec format, audio channel and sample rate.


The video aspect ratio is related to the video resolution (width x height), for different camcorder, there might be similar settings, but sometimes a slight change will make a difference. Here we have a look at the comparison sheet of Sony camcorders: CX150, CX350, CX550.



As we can see, the video codec and audio codec are the same, and the video resolution for HD is 16:9. But Sony CX550 provides much better audio in 5.1 channels, while CX150 and CX550 movies are in stereo. So we can join the handycam CX150 and CX350 videos as lossless movie. If you would like to mix the videos from CX350 and CX550, a movie for conversion could work for you.


If you get different videos from different camcorders, but not sure about the parameters, it is recommended that you create a lossless movie first. For the videos with different parameters, just process them with re-encoding. Below are the quick steps for linking Sony Handycam movies with perfect sync.


Step 1. Get videos ready on Aunsoft Final Mate.
You can capture videos from camcorder, or load videos from local machine. To import videos from camcorder, you need to connect camcorder to PC with USB cable, and follow the wizard from Final Mate. Here we have videos stored on PC hard drive. Just click the add file path button, and locate the folder with the camcorder videos on computer hard drive.


Step 2. Join Sony CX150/CX350/CX550 HD videos into one.

- To create lossless movie, just click the Add movie icon or select the video clips and drag to timeline. Then the parameters will be detected for lossless joining. The files will be linked and output as one file.

- To join CX550 and CX150 videos into one, click the drop-down button of the Add movie icon, and choose For Conversion, a new movie will be listed. Select the video clips from Resource tab, drag and drop to the new movie ID.



Step 3. Cut videos frame by frame.
For the lossless output movie, you can cut videos in frame accuracy. The cutting of movie for conversion is based on the key frame.


Step 4. Export linked videos.
Click the Export button, and you will face the windows telling you how many files you will get, and if your movies need to be converted. As we have created movie for conversion just now, we need to choose a format for output. Click the Common Format button, and choose HD Video > H.264 HD Video (*.mp4) as output format. Change video bit rate to high quality, audio bit rate to 640000, and then click OK to start lossless joining and format conversion at the same time.



No matter how you would like to join your videos, Aunsoft Final Mate will help you join, split and cut MTS/M2TS in frame accuracy with the highest quality.

If you are using Mac computers, you can try Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac to merge Sony CX150, CX350 and CX550 footage into one.

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