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MKV Format Movies to MP4 for Broadcasting on iPad with Track Selection

MKV Converter for Mac

MKV Converter for Mac

A splendid Mac MKV Converter helps to convert MKV files to AVI, MPEG, etc, convert MKV DTS to AC3 and keep 5.1 channels.
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Have you ever had to bear the boring time in a long trip with nothing to do but Wait? But if you owned a mobile media player, everything will be totally different. And that's why iPad has captured a great number of fans since it was produced. This smart machine has magic power to attract everyone's eyes. It is so convenient to take out that watching movies on iPad be a pretty good choice in a journey.

mkv to mp4

Generally speaking, you can download any movie you like from the websites. The only problem is that you have to face most problems of the video formats. For iPad users, MP4 is the best format to be recognized. That means if you download movies in this format, iPad can broadcast smoothly. But actually, most websites use MKV as the movie format for downloading. Do you know the reason? As Internet is open to the whole word, movies on the websites are also open to customers from different countries or areas. To meet the different demands, such websites have to package different video and audio tracks together, including the languages, subtitles and so on. And that's just the superiority of MKV format. It could contain over 16 streams when other formats can only contain singe or several streams, which made MKV be more and more popular.

How to watch such downloaded MKV movies on iPad? The simplest way is to use a video conversion tool (video converter). Thousands of such converters can be found on the websites. And most could easily handle the function of conversion. It means that these tools could help to convert the video format from MKV to MP4 for iPad broadcasting. But it's still difficult for most converters to allow users select the subtitle or audio tracks except Aunsoft MKV Converter for Mac. In another word, most converters could only convert the videos to correct format, but keeping only one acquiescent subtitle or audio track (usually the one listed first), but Aunsoft MKV Converter for Mac could support this function successfully. This is the best tool to sync MKV videos to iPad with iTunes.

This software is the professional software to deal with MKV movies, especially in the part of stream selection. Maybe this picture could show you how to select the tracks/streams freely with Aunsoft MKV Converter for Mac.
mkv to ipad

Of course, the main function of this software is to convert MKV files to various formats, including MP4 for iPad. And it's really easy to use. Generally speaking, three steps are totally enough: just Import the files into Aunsoft MKV Converter for Mac and then Choose the correct format for Exporting.
mkv tracks select

Some basic edit to videos are still supported, such as merge, split and trim. You can also compare the original and new videos through the preview window.
mkv to mp4 with tracks selection

After these steps, you can enjoy such movies on iPad freely with any subtitle/track you like.


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