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Convert MKV to WMV for Windows Video Editors

MKV Converter

MKV Converter

Top MKV Player, MKV Converter, MKV Splitter, MKV Joiner and MKV Editor combine into one to play/convert/split/join/edit MKV files.
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MKV is a container format. It could integrate various video and audio tracks into one file. Difference of tracks or streams could also be contained in subtitles. If you have ever got this kind of format videos, you will find that it could even pack over 16 different streams into the Matroska Media file. This made it difficult to be handled by most video editors and media players.

convert mkv files

For the Windows users, the most widely used video editors are Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker and so on. But if you want to make the MKV be compatible with such Windows video editors, it's necessary to change the video format. Generally speaking, WMV is the most comfortable video format for the editors to read. It can be read by nearly all the editors run on Windows operate system. And here comes the problem: how to change or convert the video format from MKV to WMV?

If you search through Google, the simplest way is to use a video conversion tool. Such tools could decode the video files and then re-code them to get a whole new one as some can change the container to get new ones. This process will change the codec or container, which will make the quality loss. It means that if you use this kind of tools, the new videos will be a little different in quality from your original ones. Nobody could get rid of such quality loss. So, you'd better choose a perfect video converter which can keep the Top quality.

Aunsoft MKV Converter is just what you need. The main function of this software is to convert MKV files to different formats for editors or media players. In the conversion process, top quality of original videos will be kept. Aunsoft MKV Converter, being different from other converters, is really easy to use. Anyone could handle it the moment it was downloaded. And the following picture will show how easy it is.
mkv to wmv

This picture shows the steps of how to use the software. Click the button up, you can choose a path for importing the files. After that, various video formats will be shown if you click the “select button”. For Windows Editor users, WMV is the best choice, just like the picture shown. Then, click export and you will get a whole new video with correct format.


Special feature of this software is to select your favorite track to output. That means you can choose one track or stream from all to your new videos. In this part, limited software could achieve this function.
convert mkv for windows video editor

Of course, if you want to do some basic edit to the MKV videos, Aunsoft MKV Converter will support these functions: merge, split, cut and trim. In this way, you can get more acceptable videos. And if your computer is Mac, its sister product Aunsoft MKV Comverter for Mac will do the same job, you can have a try.


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