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MKV Lossless Conversion with Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac on Lion

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

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While there are some friends asking me about the remuxing camcorder videos to MKV, here I would like to share with you my understandings of the video conversion and rewrapping.


There are two ways to put the MTS/M2TS videos to MKV. One is to convert AVCHD format to MKV with complete transcoding, the other is to remux AVCHD to MKV by rewrapping from MTS/M2TS to MKV. Some may also refer the first one as long-time re-encoding, and the latter as MKV lossless conversion.


Highlights of remuxing HD videos to MKV:

1. It is a matter of seconds. Yes, it could be done within seconds.

2. No quality loss when video and audio data are kept intact.

3. The file size is not larger than original files.


Why rewrap camcorder videos to MKV?

Even though some players are supposed to play AVCHD camcorder files in .mts or .m2ts format, some may also face problem when playing the MTS/M2TS files. For example, the Western Digital Live Plus, Eminent HD media player cannot play some AVCHD files.


How does it work to rewrap/remux videos to MKV?

Aunsoft Final Mate can pick the video data and audio data of the source file, and use the MKV container to keep the video data and audio data. In this way, there is no compression of the video and audio data. Only the container is changed from .mts or .m2ts to .mkv.


If you are using Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard or 10.5 Leopard, the easy steps below will help you choose lossless MKV output with Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.


First, connect your camcorder to Mac via USB cable, follow the Final Mate camera wizard to import AVCHD footage to the program. Choose the clips from the camcorder tab, drag and drop to the timeline to create a lossless movie. Click the icon next to the movie name on the Movie tab, and then choose MKV format. The click the Export button below the volume option, and the HD video will be remixed to MKV file will be ready in a few seconds.




1. For Windows 7 users, Aunsoft Final Mate for Windows would work as lossless MKV converter with similar process mentioned above.


2. If you are using JVC camcorders with MOD or TOD as video files, Aunsoft Final Mate would also help you remux MOD/TOD videos to MKV for easier playback and sharing.

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