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What kind of MTS Converter do you need (Part three)? -- Camcorder Wizard

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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After coming back from a journey, how many MTS footages will you shoot with your HD Camcorder? Several thousand? It would be a common situation. But, if you want to just pick up some of them to convert or edit, what to do? Do you have to copy all the MTS files from your camcorder to the HD drive and select them one by one?

For example, you have 2,000 files in your camcorder storage. But you just want to copy 300 files to your computer A and another 600 files to your computer B. What will you do? Will you browse and open your camcorder drive and select them manually? Will you just press the Command key and highlight the files in the Finder one by one? We can be sure that those jobs are not comfortable at all. And how can you judge whether you have selected the file you want correctly? Just by the number shown in the name of the MTS file? Or just by the small screenshot shown in the Finder? It would be not easy and clear enough.

So you would need a camcorder assistant tool, which can help you manage the MTS files shot by your camcorder. It would be a bridge between your camcorder and computer. By such a tool, you should be able to pick up and capture what you want from your camcorder easily and clearly.

So as we have mentioned in the two former articles, a MTS Converter tool will not help you and none of MTS Converter will offer such a component.
But you will be astonished to find that Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac has a Camcorder Wizard which can help you in this situation. After you plug in your camcorder with your iMac, it will be launched automatically, a great mark to show it is a companion tool for Camcorder fans.
manage mts files

Generally,a HD camcorder will have two storage locations, the inner memory in the camcorder and a SD card which plugs into the camcorder. In the Final Mate Camcorder Wizard, they will be detected automatically and you can select them as you need.

You can decide what to do with the MTS files you have shot and stored in the Camcorder, Import or Backup. Import will just simply help you import the files into the program list so that you can edit and convert them, but those files will not be stored on the HD drive on your iMac.

If your HD drive does not have enough free space to save all what you shot, Import is a smart option for you.

If you really need to have MTS files saved on your HD drive, please run Backup in the Wizard. In both Import and Backup process, you can preview to decide what you want and check them on to perform Import or Backup.

final mate for mac

The default option for Backup process is running it on the background, which means the process will be run in a lower priority. But during the background backup running, you can still use the program to do other jobs. For example, you can Import the files into the program and edit them as you like simultaneously while the background backup is running. Maybe after the files are being edited completely, the background backup is also done.
capture mts files

As you can see, by such a powerful Camcorder Wizard, you can manage the MTS files in an optimized and efficient way, which can help you avoid many annoyed clicks in the Finder.

Will you find such a component in any other so-called MTS Converter? Of course not.

In shorts, why would we like to recommend Aunsoft Final Mate instead of MTS Converter?

1. Time Line editing, helping you edit MTS footages clips in an easy way

2. Frame by Frame editing, helping you trim, cut and split the MTS file in the accurate still frame you want

3. Camcorder Wizard, the mark to work as a camcorder companion tool, helping you manage and capture the MTS file from camcorder storage directly

The above 3 points indicate that Aunsoft Final Mate is not only a professional MTS Converter, but also an easy to use MTS Editor program.


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