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What kind of MTS Converter do you need (Part two)? -- Frame by Frame Edit

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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After shooting AVCHD files with your HD Camcorder, what will you do next? Just Convert it? No, it is not enough. You will need not only a good MTS Converter, but also a sound MTS Editor. Some simple editing jobs are quite necessary. For example, you would merge many MTS clips into one whole movie, or cut/split certain part of the MTS episodes out or into a new clip for further editing. In the last part, we have talked about Merge MTS in Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac and Aunsoft MTS Converter for Mac. Here we would like to focus on the Cut/Split and Trim performance between two programs.

In the Aunsoft MTS Converter for Mac, after you load your MTS files you can Trim the file in its Edit function part. But in this part, you can only simply trim a part of the video out by simply setting its start and end point. And each time, by opening the Edit window one time, you can only edit one MTS file. So what about if you have several hundred or even more files? Click Edit button in the program several hundred times? It is time-consuming and will frustrate you!

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And also, you can only trim the loading MTS files, not to cut or split a part of it into a separate clip. Generally, most of MTS Converter program does not provide those functions. Only MTS Editor programs can do these jobs well.

Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac will help you to edit the MTS files, because it is an easy to use MTS Editor program.

It has a Frame by Frame editing component. In this part of the program, you can locate the exact frame you like to trim, cut or split. It means you will select the exact still frame you want to edit, not the time point like MTS Converter processes. So it is also called Frame Accuracy editing.
In the Frame by Frame component, besides the target frame you select from the episodes, the other close frames before or after the target one will also be shown. Actually, if your file is a 60P file, which means there are 60 still frames in the one-second-episode, you can pick up any still frame in these 60 frames within 1 second episode.

frame by frame editing 

Will a so-called MTS Converter do this wonderful job? Of course not!

And also, in the Split and Cut feature that Aunsoft Final Mate offers, you can Cut a file in the exact frame you want so that a new clip will be created or you can split the movie into two parts from the exact frame you select so that a new movie project will be created for you to edit further.

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Will a So-called MTS Converter cut or split the file like Final Mate? Of course not!

So, the frame by frame edit component in the Final Mate program will also mark that Final Mate is not only a professional MTS Converter, but also a MTS Editor which can help you cut, trim and split the MTS file easily.

Besides the Time Line and Frame by Frame components that we have talked, another important feature that Aunsoft Final Mate has and makes it differ with any other MTS Converter program, is that it offers a Camcorder Wizard, which will help you manage the MTS files in your camcorder.

As it offers such a Wizard, Aunsoft Final Mate will also work as a camcorder assistant tool. You will capture or import the MTS file you want from the HD Camcorder directly, saving your time to backup those MTS files to HD drive on your computer Manually.

In the next part, we will talk about the Wizard component that Aunsoft Final Mate offers.


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