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MXF to Mac-Play/ Edit Panasonic/Sony/Canon MXF

TransMXF for Mac

TransMXF for Mac

Convert MXF camcorder video to MP4 for iPad, iPhone, PSP, to MOV for FCP, iMovie, FCE on Mac.
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Today, MXF is widely used by broadcast and Digital Motion Picture industries for the ability to migrate their internal workflow into a digital “tapeless” environment. Besides, cameras manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony, and Canon has largely adopted the MXF formats in the latest versions of their products.


If you’re fans of HD camcorders, you may own or want to buy the below HD camcorders which can record High Definition files in MXF format.


Here we collect some popular MXF camcorders:

Canon XF-100, Canon XF-305, Canon XF-105, CanonXF-300

PanasonicAG-HPX250, Panasonic AG-HPX170, Panasonic AG-HPX370, Panasonic AG-HPX300, Panasonic AG-HPX500PanasonicAG-HVX200.

SONY PDW-510PSony PDW-F350Sony PDW-700


The above MXF Camcorders get high popularity among HD camcorder lovers, but they’re also confused about how to deal with Panasonic/Sony/Canon MXF files, for MXF can’t play in some media players and removable devices. To Apple fans, editing MXF in iMovie/ Final Cut Pro or playing MXF in iPhone 4S/New iPad/Apple TV is nearly impossible.


As we all know, Apple devices or apps are very strict on video formats. If you want to edit MXF in iMovie, the best way is to convert MXF to AIC; if you’d like to edit MXF in FCPX, we suggest you transcode MXF to ProRes 422; while if you want to enjoy 1080p MXF on iPhone 4S/new iPad/ Apple TV, the common type H.264 MP4 is a good choice.


When we mentioned that streaming Panasonic/Sony/Canon MXF to AIC/ProRes, or MP4, we must based our theory on the premise of a MXF Converter that’s powerful enough to convert MXF videos to standard formats. Is there a cost-effective program to convert Panasonic/Sony/Canon MXF files? After reading the below articles, you’ll surely find a reliable tool.


Can I edit Panasonic/Sony/Canon MXF in iMovie? Definitely you can!


Install Panasonic/Sony/Canon MXF Converter; add Panasonic/Sony/Canon MXF videos from HD camcorders or hard drive. Then, select the preset profile iMovie and Final Cut Ex>>Apple Intermediate Codec AIC (*.mov) for AIC is iMovie’s most compatible format. At length, only one click of “export” to start conversion from MXF to AIC.



Can I edit MXF in FCPX without rendering? Surely you will.


ProRes 422 MOV is highly recommended if you want to edit in FCPX. As FCP’s native format, loading ProRes to FCPX requires no rendering. From the below picture, you can easily convert MXF to FCPX.



Can I play MXF on iPad to enjoy 1080p on new iPad? Of course you can!


New iPad has set off a wave of buying among Apple fans. We’re fantastic by its high resolution for which can provide a better visual effect when watching movies. To enjoy Panasonic/Sony/Canon MXF on iPad 3, we need to keep strictly to Apple’s format restriction. Follow the below picture to convert MXF to 1080p MP4 to get Full HD quality on new iPad.


Can I play MXF on iPhone or Apple TV? Yep, download Aunsoft TransMXF Converter for Mac  and you’ll find the equivalent types under the preset profiles.


Thanks for your time to read my article, and I bet you’ve chosen the best MXF Converter to convert/stream/edit Panasonic/Sony/Canon MXF files

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