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MXF Introduction - MXF Editing software, MXF Converter, MXF Analyzers

Video Converter

Video Converter

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What is MXF?
Material eXchange Format (MXF) is a container format for professional digital video and audio media defined by a set of SMPTE standards. DVCPRO HD is codified as SMPTE 370M; the DVCPRO HD tape format is SMPTE 371M, and the MXF Op-Atom format used for DVCPRO HD on P2 cards is SMPTE 390M.


MXF generated cameras
The two data-recording camera systems which produce MXF are Sony's XDCAM and Panasonic's DVCPRO P2, for example the popular Panasonic AG-HVX200 DVCPRO HD camcorder.


MXF editing software (NLE)
Professional non-lining editing software that can work with MXF files natively include Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro 3.1 or above, Sony Vegas, and GrassValley Edius. About Final Cut Pro, It seems that version 6.0.6 doesn’t support the format very well. Besides, Raylight produced by a company named as DVFilm is able to make MXF files show as standard AVI files to the editing software, allowing you to view or edit MXF footage in Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Windows Media Player, and others.


MXF converters
MXF Converter for Windows (Mac version) enables users to convert wrapper formats (such as MXF, AVI, MKV etc.) to various output choice for user’s specific purpose, such as (HD)MP4, MPG, (HD) MOV, WMV, etc. At the same time, it’s able to combine/join/merge multiple MXF files into one single output.


MXF analyzers
- IRT MXF Analyzer is a tool for thorough analysis and validation of MXF files, and for easy integration of MXF analysis and validation into IT-based systems. The analyzer is being implemented to support in-depth analysis of


1) KLV layer
2) Partition multiplex
3) Metadata (decoding and analysis)
4) Index Tables
5) Essence Containers and their payload


- MXF Info is the only MXF file analyzer available for Mac OS X. The analyzer takes advantage of the fully documented and open MXF format and provides full control over MXF creation processes to the content owner. MXF Info provides the following analyzing functions and features:


1) KLV analyzing
2) Header, Body and Footer Partition analyzing
3) Metadata analyzing
4) Essences analyzing
5) MPEG-2, DV and AES3 header analysis
6) Error log
7) Preview of MXF Import QT compatible MXF files*
8) QuickTime exports
9) User friendly graphic interface
10) Embedded UL library translates UL strings into clear text


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