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3CCD or 3CMOS? The Controversy among Advanced Camcorders

I believe it that almost all of those people who are interested in DV can find that there is two kinds of transducer in camcorder. It is divided according to the material that transducer is made of in camcorder. As is well known that the camcorder made of CMOS performs not as well as we expected.


Compared with CMOS transducer, a camcorder with CCD transducers seems to perform more outstanding, so CCD transducer held the great majority of camcorder market during last century. But now it has been difficult for us to judge which material of transducer is better in camcorder.


The appearance of 3CMOS technology enabled the fast development of CMOS. When pass through 3CMOS transducer, lights can be separated into three colors. And these colors are conducted in different places. Therefore, the quality of picture will have an amazing improvement. Although 3CCD was published shortly after 3CMOS, it performs not better than 3CMOS according to a good deal of tests.


Sony FX7E is the first camcorder made of 3CMOS transducer, and it performs rather well in many fields. 3CMOS make it possible for us to enjoy HD world through a camcorder. However, 3CMOS technology requires a precise process in producing, the price of these camcorders seem to be rather high. For this reason, 3CCD is still the main part of camcorder transducer material at present.




Sony FX7E (3CMOS)

Panasonic GS330 is a representative 3CCD transducer camcorder, although it has been replaced by other products during these years. 10 times of optical zoom allows you shoot videos in high quality and ensures the authenticity of pictures. Sometimes, you have shotted lots of videos and you want to enjoy them just in one video file. Perhaps you need Aunsoft Final Mate, with which you can merge two or more video files together into one and edit them on a timeline with trimming, cropping, adjusting audio/effect. 


Panasonic GS330 (3CCD) 

Panasonic GS330 is a representative 3CCD transducer camcorder, although it has been replaced by other products during these years. 10 times of optical zoom allows you shoot videos in high quality and ensures the authenticity of pictures. Sometimes, you have shotted lots of videos and you want to enjoy them just in one video file. Perhaps you need Aunsoft Final Mate, with which you can merge two or more video files together into one and edit them on a timeline with trimming, cropping, adjusting audio/effect.