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Aunsoft TransMXF Pro: Top Choice to Convert Multi-audio Tracks in MXF files

Aunsoft TransMXF Pro is a professional and practical converter with simple and efficient MXF conversion workflow. Developing on the basis of TransMXF converter, is more powerful and stable to enable camcorders owners to convert MXF files from Canon XF series, Panasonic P2 camcorders or some Sony XDCAM camcorders at a faster speed. Having expected by camcorder users for a long time, the 2 new highlight of TransMXF Pro can perfectly help users deal with Multi-audio tracks in MXF files.

New Light 1: Preserve the original MXF multiple audio tracks without quality loss.

At present, most camcorders and some cameras from Canon(such as Canon C300, Canon XF305), Panasonic and Sony enable users to record Multi-audio channels, presenting stereoscopic in video shooting with great user experience. And puzzles are coming.

Want to keep all audio tracks in the MXF video retained in a MP4 format for delivering or playing easily on popular portable devices, such as iPad, iPod, iPhone 4 with zero quality loss? Want to convert P2 natively with 4 audio tracks intact to Apple ProRes 422HQ? Want to get a solution to remove the unwanted audio tracks from original MXF Multi-audio tracks?

Now, with the new feature of TransMXF Pro, these are no longer puzzles and troubles for users!

TransMXF Pro is good at preserving and exporting the original multiple audio channels/tracks in a MXF file. The nice and clear interface can guide users to get the certain audio tracks they want efficiently. A considerate design is that TransMXF Pro enables users to uncheck undesired audio tracks according to their need.

New Light 2: Mix multiple audio tracks, streams into individual track

Sometimes, camcorder users may spend much time on trying to convert the original multiple audio tracks in MXFvideo into mono track and finally just get disappointment. 

Adopting advanced audio and video sync technology, TransMXF Pro achieves introducing a new feature to help users mix MXF multiple audio tracks into mono track in lots of video formats to common media players, popular portable devices, editing software. Meanwhile this feature enables user to mix the audios of interviewer, interviewee, surroundings, or editors'/directors' comments into one. 

Due to this new feature, users who want to combine 4 tracks of P2 MXF material into 1 track can export all 4 tracks into one audio file and package them into a MP4 container for delivering. 

Put simply, TransMXF Pro is a great camcorder users’ assistant to help them convert MXF files. In addition to its basic function of merging, splitting, trimming and cropping MXF footage, its two new highlights provides users with the best solution to deal with multiple audio tracks in MXF, making TransMXF Pro to be the one and only blazing-fast MXF Exporter, P2 card MXF/MXF Converter and MXF audio channel preserver.