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The 175 Best Free iPhone Apps You Can not Miss

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One of the best things about owning an iPhone is the amount of good and useful free apps available. But it’s tough to comb through the 200,000+ apps in the App Store to find them, so here is a list of our handpicked 175 best free iPhone apps, in no particular order, loosely grouped by similar apps. Did we miss any? Mention them in the comments and we may add them. Follow I just list ten of them related to video/audio things.


1. Shazam (link) lets you identify songs playing on the TV, in a store, in the car, etc, just by recording a short clip using your iPhone’s microphone. Buy and download the song right to your iPhone. Surprisingly useful for discovering new music.


2. i.TV (link) is not only a great app for getting local TV listings, it can be used to manage your Netflix account, as a remote control for your TIVO, get local movie listings, and even read entertainment news from E!, Fox, CNN, and USA Today. An all-around powerful app for managing your TV and movie watching.


3. Fandango Movies – Times & Tickets (link) offers easy access to nearby movie and theater listings. Watch trailers. See ratings and read reviews. Buy tickets before you get to the theater.


4. Movies (link) gives you access to Rotten Tomatoes website (a website that gathers movie reviews) as well as movie time listings. You can also watch movie trailers and buy tickets from Manage your Netflix queue within the app.


5. IMDb Movies & TV (link) is an iPhone-optimized version of the popular movie and TV info database. Access the entire careers of actors, directors, etc. You can also find movie showtimes, watch trailers, browse photo galleries, see US TV listings, find latest DVD releases.


6. E! Online (link) helps you keep up with the latest entertainment news. Create personalized celeb pages to get all the latest news on your favorite stars.


7. Air Video Free (link) is a powerful app that lets you watch videos from your home computer everywhere. No need to even convert your videos to an iPhone-compatible format, Air Video does it for you. Requires Air Video desktop software (free, link) too. Free version limits the number of items you can view in a folder.


8. SHOUTcast Radio gives you access to over 32,000 stations of streaming audio, both professional and amateur. It’s the largest collection of streaming audio on the iPhone, and it’s free.


9 FStream (link) is a barebones but powerful radio streaming app with one killer feature: the ability to record live audio within the app. Record your favorite songs and download them off the iPhone to your computer using a home WiFi network. Many preset radio stations within the app with the ability to add a lot more.


10. Battery Magic gives you a quick time estimate of battery life left depending on what you’re using your iPhone for. The app also tells you how long it will take to fully charge your iPhone from its current level. Change the look of the app with multiple themes.


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